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Just to be clear on this idea:

I will not PM contact information to anyone who has not provided me with their own info.

I think it is only fair to do it this way and it shows at least a small amount of commitment to the idea.

I think this could be a real value to people who are actually interested in getting out rather than just spraying about climbing on the infernets :)

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I have sent out the preliminary list to all that have pm'd me.

If I missed you let me know.

I am headed out to play in the storm this weekend so when I get back I will check for new contacts and update the list if need be and redistribute.

As this project gets going I will update and resend the list once a week if the volume dictates it so that everyone who wants to participate can in a timely manner be in the pool and hopefully this will get people out faster.


Regarding a pub club meeting - I am cool with chukanut or boundary one night this coming week.


Lets get a consensus on time and date.

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Guess I need to check in here more often. You guys can add me to the list, or send me an email at anderson7149ATcomcastDOTnet


I also spend time down at the YMCA gym many mornings before going to work- they have key access from 6-9am most days of the week.


Tyson, sorry I've been out of the loop. Went on a couple more ice trips to the Great White North, and since then just been getting moved into the new house. Keep in touch.



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i guess i missed out on the email list version 1

...maybe because i didnt provide any contact info?

(new to the forum thingy)




my girlfriend works at boundary bay on Tuesday night...

discounts possible but not for certain

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I don't know if anyone is interested, but I think I'll go to REI B'ham on Tuesday for Steph Abegg's show at 6pm, and head to BB after that, or to a place where others would want to meet. Pizza Pipeline has a good tap selection, too. Not too keen on Chuckanut.


Of course, all this is theoretical...maybe Tyson already has a plan in effect? Either way, I'll be at Steph's show if anyone else wants to meet up.


You can register here for the show. About 20 seats left.




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