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  1. lots o stuff for sale. PM me for pics or more info AT BOOTS: $250 - 2011/12 Black Diamond Prime boots, mondo 30.5. dynafit OK, the lightest 3 buckle that BD makes. Its a good boot, approx 15 days in them , all touring... I'm selling b/c it doesn't fit my foot that well so I'm going to stick with Scarpa. K2 World Piste Ski : $150 - 2006 edition, i think. Dim (122-80-107), 176 length. Great lightweight touring ski. Bases are 9/10, no core shots. edges are 6/10. Well used, well loved but still has lots of life left. great volcano ski Black Diamond Kilowatt : $200 - 2008 edition (brown topsheet). Dim(126-95-114) 174 length. bases 9/10, edges 8/10, some dings on the topsheets but nothing major. Good all mountain ski, nice and stiff. Voile CRB binding : $100 voile's 3-pin CRB tele binding. Has 3 pin, so you can drop the heel throw for uphill travel. Releaseable binding so you wont destroy your knee when you finally decide to free the heel I have lots of extra parts as well, some climbing wires and different size ski breaks that go with. I have skins for each ski (cut to fit) but am thinking about keeping them. If someone needs skins I'd let them go for $100. also, if someone wants the skis, I'll wax them up before selling. I'm located in Bham but make it to Seattle/Van regularly. otherwise, buyer pays shipping Thanks for Looking and have a great week
  2. Trip: Mt Hood - Traverse Date: 3/9/2012 Trip Report: Mount Hood Traverse March 9 – 11 This past weekend a group of 4 attempted a ski circumnavigation of Mt Hood. We were forced to abandon our intended route on day three due to deteriorating weather and snow stability. Our trip began Friday morning at the timberline parking lot. We finished packing and were on trail around 9am. We had blue bird sky and what felt like spring corn. We had excellent views of the surround volcanoes; St Helens and Adams to the north and Jefferson, The Sisters and Bachelor to the south. It was a beautiful day to be out in the mountains. We made good progress across the west side of the mountain and descended down into the Sandy River Valley. From there, we ascended the ridge to the north, partly in the dark, and established our first camp west of Bald Mountain at around 7pm. We were entertained by a nice campfire and enjoyed our well earned rest after an 18 mile day. On Saturday, we were on the move before 7am and made good progress around the north side of the mountain. Weather was a mix of light snow and sun breaks. Snow conditions were similar to the previous day with a light dusting atop the rain crust from the previous weekend. We enjoyed some nice turns as we dropped into Elk Cove, then ascended some minor ridges in the Coe drainage and established our second camp. We covered approx. 10 miles and took about 12 hours. We encountered some icy slopes in Cairn Basin that required some boot packing and circuitous route finding. This wasted time and had some of us regretting not bringing our ice axes and crampons. While packing up on Sunday morning we were greeted to the roaring sounds of 5 or 6 natural avalanches in the surrounding hills. This certainly was an ominous way to start out the day. Around the campfire the night before, we were able to get cell service and checked the latest weather reports and avy conditions. Things were not looking good. By the mid-afternoon we found ourselves in blizzard conditions with wind gusts that were strong enough to push around a bit. We reached the Elliot drainage and were impressed by the sizable canyon it occupies. After some careful route finding and discussion amongst the group we decided to abandon our plans of a circum-ski. We decided to bail down Stranahan Ridge. We were able to call and arrange a pick up on the Clear Creek Road. We crossed the Coe for a second time and skied out logging roads to Laurance Lake where we met our ride and returned to timberline. Although we were unable to finish the route, everyone was pleased to spend time traveling the mountains with skis (tele light = 3pin and XCD skis). We covered approx 40 miles in three days and I have the blisters to prove it. All in all, a great trip with great company. And maybe most importantly, we live to ski another day. Special thanks to D for organizing the trip and putting everything together. Hopefully we can return soon and finish the tour. I'll try to post pics soon. This is also cross posted on TAY (with pics). Gear Notes: 3pin and XCD ski Approach Notes: timberline
  3. ever wanna try Tele? got a scarpa t2x size 13 (mondo 315) in Bham would sell for cheep !!!!
  4. I climbed bacon in 2009 from the anderson butte TH. This route allows lots of elevation gain from the car Easy terrain below Watson peak, camped at the col on the east shoulder of watson. plenty of snow in late june but also a trickle from the rocks nearby. shouldn't be hard to camp near water.
  5. Trip: Ruth glacier - Date: 10/15/2011 Trip Report: Skiied ruth (the one by hannegan pass) on saturday with a group from turns-all-year. about 6" of fresh over last years base made for a really smooth surface and about a 2000' ride down. Clear skies, great snow, excellent company Go get it 'cause it good Gear Notes: skins from the traverse at the top of the gully all the way to the summit Approach Notes: the trail
  6. awesome tele boot for sale well loved but lots of life left mondo 31.5 willing to let go for $cheep$
  7. read this and laughed... I was climbing at Peshastin Pinnacles on 10-9-11 and had a run in with some bees. My first trad lead in years with my new-to-climbing girlfriend on belay and got stung about 30 ft up. I was smacking against a flake trying to listen to the sound when a swarm of bees came out of the alcove behind the flake. I got stung in the arm about 2" above my wrist. With all the bees swarming above i chose to down climb the 5.easy route and clean on the way. I'm cursing, girlfriend is freaking out.... So i drive over to vantage and finish off the day but when i get home my arm keeps swelling. I have known allergy to bee stings and had an epi-pen in the car. after 36 hrs my arm keeps swelling from my hand up to my shoulder, and i mean really fat. single crease for a wrist and another for an elbow. my knuckles and elbow were divots. Doctors, medicines, etc.... still can see the mark today. The next week I'm back at work and a co-worker i havent sen in a while notice my fat hand. later he told me he was thinking to himself , "hmm, he put on a lot of weight in his hand, he sure hides it well" i was busting up
  8. familiar with the route from indecision back to the trail and the route up to fisher basin. sorry no info on arriva's S slopes. from Indecisions pass (6960) it is pretty simple schwack back to the trail. From the upper basin (5960) i remember a steep section down heather (west of creek). We camped on a huge, flat boulder near 5200, west of the creek. Found nice forest east of the creek to get back to the main trail. Also, big, old moraine sepperates the creek from the main stem of Fisher Ck. sort of a neat feature... PM me for pics or more info
  9. ...was planning on going the 24th and 25th with skis...
  10. I was thinking of skiing worm flows or monitor ridge next weekend. Anyone else interested or know of current conditions? Would also be into other places north cascades, whatever, just need to get out soon!!!!
  11. I'm in. I'll try to make the show at REI but i dont get off work til 6 but def in for the frog @ 7:30 the guy with long black dreads
  12. Thanks Tyson looking forward to it
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