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  1. Mt Hood

    Thanks, you have confirmed my suspicions!
  2. Mt Hood

    Has anyone been to the north side in the last few weeks?
  3. Sorry for the cross post, photos and info up here: http://mountainproject.com/v/shoe-sale-scarpa-helix-and-mad-rock-phoenix-9-95-and-10/109696139 $30, 35$ and 55$
  4. Watch http://www.westcoastice.com/ and this forum for trip reports, if we get a early freeze some low elevation ice climbs can form over the boarder in the Hope area that are really fun, but they are all just super weather dependent. Bellingham is a generally warm place, most of the year there is not much besides what Wayne mentioned.....
  5. Trip: Washington Pass and the Sierra - Many Date: 7/10/2014 Trip Report: Blog post from some summer ramblings including a dozen or so long routes in Washington Pass and the High Sierra. Sorry for the graduation and school photos the climbing bits follow, just wanted to pass the stoke. It seems everyone is getting out and I have been lurking for a while and finally have some images to contribute. Have fun and stay safe out there! -Kirk http://mtnsaremyhome.blogspot.com/2014/08/graduation-and-summer-road-trip-2014.html Gear Notes: Lots: unfortunately I'm no Alex Honnold. Approach Notes: Truck.
  6. Trip: Mt. Snoqualmie - NY Gully Date: 1/1/2014 Trip Report: What a fantastic day out! I know there are quite a few TR's on this route, but I have not seen any this year. We tried to make lemonade from the cold and dry snap we had there for a while. I have no idea what shape the route might be in now.... http://mtnsaremyhome.blogspot.com/2014/01/new-york-gully-mt-snoqualmie-mixed.html Cheers! Gear Notes: Single rack, few stubbies, pins, nuts, sausage and cheese. Approach Notes: Car.
  7. Trip: Southern BC - Piccadilly Circus Date: 12/11/2013 Trip Report: Mellow day out after finals right at the end of the cold snap, I think we caught one of the last days. Sorry it took me a little bit to get this up, work and then stuck in an airport for a few days without wifi... http://mtnsaremyhome.blogspot.com/2013/12/southern-british-columbia-ice.html Same route G-spotter posted. It was a very enjoyable afternoon, lets hope it gets cold again, or I'll just start driving father I guess. I didn't realize it, but you can subscribe to conditions updates at www.westcoastice.com which seems very helpful. Cheers! Gear Notes: Tortilla chips. Approach Notes: Highway.
  8. Well back at it with gear a little sooner than I thought, I picked up a new BD Epic 45 and realized there are some other features I want and I have a line on another rope: Feeler: BD epic 45L (medium) in black $100 (used once) Edelweiss geos 10.5mm 70m bi-pattern, dry treated, great craig workhorse $100 (used 8 times, red) bought from a friend who never climbed much and went to kite boarding..) Hit me up if your interested, can add photos, will ship at owners expense, paypal is good, located in Bellingham, WA
  9. Sold:BD Epic 45L, and Edelweiss 10.5mm

    Sorry was just about to take this down, the pack sold last night. Best of luck! -Kirk
  10. Some gear that needs a new home, located in Bellingham. Will ship at your cost, paypal is good. I have photos but can't find my card this second, will post soon or can send some. Climbing gear, changed to hoodwires, but all gear has super light use, message me if you are interested in anything. Ski TlT5 Mountain Ski boots, 27.5 $325? Awesome boots, light use for 20 days or so. Climbing gear to go: (23) Oz Biners (non-hoodwire) $5 Each, Light Use (10) Oz Draws (non-hoodwire) $12 Each, Super light use (1) Nutrino Rack Pack (six colored each for racking) $25 for the set, Also light use Petzl Ecrin Rock Helmet $45 Looks like everthing is gone! Cheers
  11. ALL SOLD Gear Sale: Oz Biners & Draws...

    Looks like everything but one rackpack is sold/pending if any of those sales fall through I will post up. Thanks!
  12. ALL SOLD Gear Sale: Oz Biners & Draws...

    Photos added here: http://s172.photobucket.com/user/kula922/library/gear/gear%202013?sort=3&page=1 Helmet Claimed. All 23 Oz sold.
  13. Such a cool area! The lake goes on for eeeeeveerrrrr lol. Nice too meet you guys up there! You hit the weather a bit better than us. But thanks for what was left of some of the skin tracks. Photos look great too! We tagged East Castle, North face of Carr, and East Couloir? on Davidson the first day out when the weather was still good. We checked out the NW face of Castle but it was way too cracked up to navigate and rap into, so that was a bummer. The weather kind of went south and we made a 6hr slog over to Garibaldi in intermittent clouds, but the weather socked in below the summit which was also a bummer. Mellow day next and made it up deception in the storm, and then also tried to scamper up Price in the fading light but encountered some sensitive wind slabs and headed down and took off the next day in a whiteout. The approach trail was pretty heinous it got baked and turned into ice.... Have a good winter and stay safe! Cheers, -Kirk
  14. Trip: Red Rock for a few days: trad & sport Date: 12/15/2012 Trip Report: Sorry for the repost, we got shut down on some of our bigger objectives but still had a good time, some photos here: mountainsaremyhome.blogspot.com Gear Notes: Warm place to stay is nice Approach Notes: Car & backpack
  15. Ok another gear clean out. Located in Bellingham, Washington. Have paypal, willing to ship, buyer pays shipping etc. Feel free to email with any questions Photos here: http://s172.beta.photobucket.com/user/kula922/library/gear%202012 Ski 182 second generation(2011) stoke skis used 5 times, got something a little different for this year. Package with FT 12 bindings included and skins, gets you the full setup ready to go for around 795$. $330 just skis, Immaculate bases, no insets stripped. Rear used once on the smaller setting, front used on both, larger setting has been dry fit, gently plugged by hand(not hammered) a tack will pry out the plugs and they are good to go. I switched bsl. I have BD skins also cut to fit but I could use those on another ski so I don't need to sell them, $85 for the skins(only sell skins with skis) (2) BD whippet ski poles, ice tool sharpened, good shape 45$ each (like this http://straightchuter.com/2011/02/whippet-sharpening/) sold! (2) BD Traverse ski poles good shape 45$ for the set 27.5 Dynafit Titan Ultralight boots, used twice, yes twice its embarrassing, basiclly NIB. Liners never used or baked. School killed my season besides a few trips on my light gear, and I have vulcans on the way that fit my use a lot better. Like to get around what I paid for them $450 28 Inutition scarpa wrap liner, $50 molded once Climb Camp Ultra Light Harness precursor to the alp 95, 150grams? 25$ Charletmoser Crampons, 12 point, bail on back good shape $55 BD Atc Guide 20$ Five Ten Anasazi Mesa climbing shoes, 9.5 got from a friend too small for my foot, tons of rubber left, tiny bit of peeling on one rand for some reason not sure not worn through by anymeans.... $40 Clothing Outdoor Research Mithril Mens Medium soft shell, gray. Awesome very light use just a little too big for me 95$ Mountain Hardware Menuver Gortex Shell, mens Medium, super nice, very light use, full pit zips, original retail was $450, it has an RMI insignia on right sleve 150$ 125$ Cloudveil Womens Koven Pant, Medium Full zippers, used 5 times, awesome pant $100 REI fleece layer, Unisex S fits like a medium, just don't use 25$ Old School north face wind shirt, mens small 25$ don't use it much Black Dakine Gortex Cobra Gloves, never used XL 50$ Assorted hats, 7$ each? white/black Salomon gloves, unisex large, never used much, says clima-pro? warm 20$ Salomon XC Gloves Medium, too small 15$ Rack Yakima ski rack 50$ with lock cores and one key. I have a rocket box I use if I put skis on the top of the car....
  16. Ski, Climb & Clothing Cleanout

    Weird it won't let me edit the original post, Stokes and Poles Sold
  17. Ski, Climb & Clothing Cleanout

    Titans Sold
  18. Ski, Climb & Clothing Cleanout

    Ski rack sold, MH Jacket reduced, who needs a good gore-tex medium shell cheep?
  19. Ski, Climb & Clothing Cleanout

    Package option on skis added, titans reduced, koven pant and camp harness sold
  20. Ski, Climb & Clothing Cleanout

    crampons sold
  21. Ski, Climb & Clothing Cleanout

    Shoes Sold
  22. Ski, Climb & Clothing Cleanout

    Whippets sold and maybe shoes
  23. FS--- Carabineers, Backpacks and more---

    PM sent on NF pants...
  24. Trip: Burge Mountain - Tonasket - Few Date: 8/11/2012 Trip Report: Cool area in the middle of nowhere I had never heard of! I look forward to spending more time there eventually, there are tons of routes to explore. Early spring or late fall would be the best seasons I think. Mountain project has a few of the walls, but not many route descriptions I was able to track down a local PDF that is about 25 pages, let me know if anyone is interested and wants a copy. http://mtnsaremyhome.blogspot.com/ Gear Notes: Sun screen and water, or an alarmclock to wake up early. Approach Notes: Drive, walk to the walls.
  25. Trip: Darrington - Many Date: 8/1/2012 Trip Report: As time goes on somehow I seem to be more and more drawn to spending days in Darrington. It makes no sense, I hate run out slab climbing, but then I return and do it over and over again.. So many climbs to explore and new things to learn! http://mtnsaremyhome.blogspot.com/ Gear Notes: Draws and a Small Rack Mostly Approach Notes: Drive, Walk, Climb