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  1. top-rope-bham

    I'll second that idea. +3 pm'd plichuck w/ my info
  2. top-rope-bham

    Add me to the list. Free every other weekend, weekday evenings, and sometimes during the day.
  3. Exit 38

    I was there 2 weeks ago, a couple days after a rain. It was dry at "headlight point" and the "eastern block". Probably due to the wind that rips through there. You should be good to go.
  4. North Cascades Objectives

    Wish I could attend, that's a good climb. However, I got my daughter. So Mt. Baker ski area here we come.
  5. x38 Tomorrow 3/1?

    Perfect, cause were heading to the eastern block area. Thanks for the info.
  6. x38 Tomorrow 3/1?

    Anyone able to climb tomorrow x38? x32 works also
  7. Regular Climbing parner needed

    I'm in Bellingham also. No trad experience, but can lead 5.9's sport. Would like to work on .10's or better this year and multipitch routes. Have all my own gear and a vehicle. Usually free every other weekend, sometimes during the week. Hit me up. Alpine works also. Been up Eldorado, St. Helens, Adams, Pilchuck, etc... Cheers, Tim
  8. Little Si - World wall this week

    I may be out that way Thursday. pm sent.
  9. seattle area sports' clippin

    -pm sent
  10. Crevasse rescue??

    In, pm sent..
  11. My kid is ready to climb!!!

    Is that the Sehome Hill aboretem? I ended up just taking her to marymoore for her first roped climb. She had a blast. I think I'll check out the aboretum on our next outing. I read Eire has some climbs that can be top roped near the parking lot. Have to check that out also. I've seen the bolted slab at Larrabee down on the beach by the boat launch. I originally took her their, but didn't bother checking the tides and when got there high tide was in, OOPS. Looked like it could be easily top roped, but might be a little challenging for her at this stage anyway. Main reason I need easily top ropable climbs is she's not quite old enough or heavy enough to belay me and my normal climbing partner lives down south. I don't want to have to bother having him drive up here so he can belay me while I lead to set up a top rope so my duaghter can climb. Thanks for the advice Dan, much appreciated.
  12. My kid is ready to climb!!!

    My daughter is about to turn 9 and has been begging me to take her climbing everytime she see's my gear for awhile now. So I just went and picked her up a harness and shoes. Since I moved to Bellingham I havn't been out at all really. So Where's a good spot around the area to take the kids? O would prefer something where I can easily set up a top rope without having to lead climb and obviously where rockfall is minimal. I'd rather not have to trek down to Marymoore or x38. Although I am thinking Marymoore might be the best/safest spot to "show her the ropes", so I might just go there anyway. But I really wouldn't mind knowing some local areas to take to her also. Thanks in advance everyone, Tim
  13. Blind leading the blind

    Approach them in a way that doesnt make them feel belittled. Explain how what they are doing makes sense but its not the safest way to go about the situation. Then explain to them the safer way. Just make damn sure you know a safer way.