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  1. South Sister Inquiry- Winter

    The road past Mt. Bachelor is closed now, and along with it, any easy access to the South Sister trailheads.
  2. Talk about crass

    http://blog.biocision.com/4342/cold-cropreserved-bodies Hey, why not use a photo of a dead climber if it helps market your product? This company is just pathetic.
  3. How to Carry Ice Axe on Airplane?

    I've flown with my axe a lot, never as a carry on. although my friend tried once--claimed the airline ok'd it on the phone. nearly gave the security folks a coronary. and that was pre 9-11 I usually pack a duffel bag, lay my pack empty on the bottom and put the axes on top of it. I have a rubber guard that slides on the adze and the pick, then I have a leather guard for the spike. Put my trekking poles there too. then I pack other clothes and gear around it. Friend of mine uses a combo of cardboard and plastic film canisters (remember those?) all held together with duct tape. good luck!
  4. can i ask what guide service you used and if you were happy with them?
  5. Central Oregon climbing partners

    Welcome to C.O.! You might want to connect with the Cascades Mountaineers (no relation to the mounties up north). There's a lot of people from the club that head up to Smith Rocks regularly, and a lot of people who do more alpine & glacier climbs. they usually have a meeting the second Wednesday of the month at Environmental Center on Kansas street in Bend, This week they're having a gear swap... www.cascadesmountaineers.com
  6. Mt. Rainier Gear - What do you think?

    Glacier glasses?
  7. AAI Equipment Shop BURGLARIZED!

    Climber on climber crime sux big time
  8. Overdue climber on Hood

    Seeing that photo of the two kids on his website is heartbreaking. My condolences to family and friends.
  9. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Gib Ledges 2/4/2012

    Awesome! Great photos too! Thanks for posting!
  10. [TR] Dragontail - Triple Couloirs 2/5/2012

    Nice! Way to get after it! I love February TRs.
  11. FS: Mountaineering Boots (Koflach Arctis Expes)

    How do you fit 10 womens in a plastic boot? Is it like fitting popes into a Volkswagen bug?
  12. How long should wands be?

    Sorry, pindude, I guess I wasn't being clear. I meant my estimate of my wands' length at 2 feet was more a factor of rounding error... I didn't go measure them, I was sitting in the office writing that. I know that being six foot tall I have to lean down to place one of those, and so I was thinking it must be less than three feet in length. The wands I buy at Home Depot are about three feet long. You're spot on.
  13. How long should wands be?

    Rounding error... The other issue with bamboo poles, is they're thick. Those green gardening wants are much thinner. I'd return the bamboo if you still can...
  14. How long should wands be?

    I made the same mistake a few years ago on my first trip to Rainier. I bought 4-5 foot high bamboo poles. It's totally overkill. Better option is to go to the gardening shop at Home Depot and get the thin green gardening wands. they're about 2 feet long and plenty for mountaineering. Another tip I picked up, get some reflective tape, helps to find the wand if you're unlucky enough to be descending in the dark.