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MIDWEEK Climbing


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Hey fellow freaks, drop me a mail if you ever have any midweek days free (Mon-Thurs) and want to go climbing this spring/summer. Interested in anything from cragging (index, darrington, l-worth, tieton) to longer alpine rock routes. It would be great to find folks who'd like to do some of the following:


west face n. early winters spire

nw corner N.E.W.S

east butt. S.E.W.S.

wine spires stuff

mary jane dihedral (smoke em if you got em)

A bunch of stuff at darrington

bunch of stuff at Squish

???? other ideas ????


I'd also be interested in checking out the City of Rocks at some point.


Thanks! [big Grin]


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Hello, I live in Bellingham and am off every Tuesday. In June I am quitting my job or will only work 2 days a week. Up for Alpine Ice routes, Alpine rock and anything else. I just moved here and have climbed extensively in Colorado and some in California. Been to Leavenworth, Vantage, and Peshastin so far. Looking to do Orbit, and Outerspace in one day. Also want to do dreamer. Lets climb some time.

I want to go to Squamish tomorrow but I need a partner. Tuesday all day.

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Newly unemployed and planning on being that way through summer... So need daytime climbing folks to head out with. Definitely interested in the climbs at the Spires, and cragging wherever. Probably going to Alaska in late June for a few weeks, and definitely interested in City of Rocks and the Tetons.


Drop me a line <jeff_coon@yahoo.com>.



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I have a pretty hectic schedule these next few months but I usually find myself with two days off during the week, most times in a row. Would also be able to meet early (I work nights) during the week for some cragging(Index, Leavenworth). Just looking for as many opportunities to climb this spring/summer as possible. With some advanced planning I should be able to arrange some days off to hit some alpline climbs.



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I am also mostly unemployed and itching to climb: alpine (Wine Spires sounds good), local cragging, anything really. I have to work a few days a week, but it's very flexible. I have a mostly roadworthy car and gear. Send me an email (rkb at speakeasy.org) or private msg.


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