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  1. All, I have a potential buyer who will be looking at the rack later this week. I will post if it is sold. bill
  2. Thanks Zero. I replied to your email.
  3. Ok all, I am still on my purging streak here. I need to sell everything I own. (for real) Email me bchaps at yahoo dot com if you are interested. $400 for the following: 2 BD Vipers w/android leashes. 1 hammer 1 adze (I paid around $600 @ second ascent in 2003) I spent one winter in canmore climbing with them. 10 Ice screws details below: All screws are BD Express except where noted. 2 shorties (gold knob) 4 medium (blue knobs) 2 medium BD - NOT express, but regular screws. 2 long (black knobs) 1 V-threader 1 Metal file 1 Pair of sucky grivel crampons - they work, but I hate them. Feel free to throw them out! Pair of blue water half ropes. 1 in excellent condition 1 in OK condition - there are a couple of cuts in the sheath from crampons etc... (I would climb on it, but I have friends that would not) Would make a good glacier rope once cut.
  4. I've had a few emails, but nobody has really said yes, I want too check this out. My camera is broken, so I will not be able to send photo's. I am located in downtown kirkland. I will also consider $400 cash, as my coworker is selling a nice mountain bike for that. Here's a list of all the equipment: * 1 Metolious Gear sling * 12 quick draws, mostly with a BD wire gate carabineer for the rope side. * 2 shoulder length slings with 2 BD wire gate carabineers each (I may find some more slings and biners laying around..) * Double, and in some cases triple regular Wild Country nuts * Full set of Micro nuts, some doubles - BD and HB (brassies) * Nut tool All gear listed below is individually racked on a Omega Pacific (the blue ones) UltraLight Carabineers and marked with solid green tape. I would say the majority of the time the gear was placed in sandstone (Moab) or granite (Yosemite,Squamish). I took 3 years off to go climbing and I spent a majority of my rock climbing time in those areas. I also spent 6 months guiding (never had time to use my gear), and 3 months or so just traveling - so this gear really only has 2 summers of climbing on it. 1 Metolious Silver TCU (brand new, placed 1 or 2 times) 1 Metolious Purple TCU (brand new, placed 1 or 2 times) 1 Blue Alien 2 Green Aliens (.25 Camalot size) 2 Yellow aliens (.4 Camalot size) 2 Red Aliens (.5 Camalot size) 1 Orange Alien (.75 Camalot size) 2 #1 Camalots 2 #2 Camalots 2 #3 Camalots 1 3.5 Camalot 1 4 Camalot Various Aid gear w/gear bag.
  5. I have a complete rack of almost entirely BD and aliens and I would like to trade for a mountain bike or a road bike in decent shape. The rack is well used, but has much life left. I will be including carabiners, slings, quickdraws etc as I have only gone climbing once in the past 2 years. The range of cams is from purple TCU thru #4 camalot, doubles of everything through #3. feel free to email me bchaps at yahoo.com. bill
  6. Vokl Mountain 176cm w/Fritshi Diamir Bindings and skins. $200 firm. Low use, good condition, fast. These are a little big for me (I am a better boarder vs skier). I want to get something about 160cms. I have mostly used these for ice approaches in Canadian Rockies and resort skiing. They probably have less than 30 days of use on them. email bchaps(at)yahoo.com or call 425.503.4360. post here to claim first.
  7. Good shape. Used mostly on approaches in Canmore. Fast. $200 Vokl Mountain 176s w/Fritchi bindings and skins. bchaps(at)yahoo.com
  8. Wow, lots of stuff for sale here... The sleeping bag is sold. Here's a little more detail on the roof rack. And no, I won't ship it. FOB Seattle. http://www.yakima.com/home.html Look at Products->Cargo->BlackTop Pro 16S. Its great for road trips and/or if you plan on living in your car/van. Come on people!! Buy! Buy! Buy! I need am trying to raise funds for a new bed! 8)
  9. I'm moving into a small studio apt in Kirkland and need to get rid of some stuff!!! Brand New never used Marmott -20 sleeping bag (tall) $200 - Cost $600 (2 years ago) Yakima Roof Rack (The wide one) Used one season in Canmore and Moab this past winter. $200 - it costs $400 new. - Can hold many snowboards & skiis/boots up to 180s cm 425.503.4360 or bchaps(at)yahoo.com
  10. I've been there in early july and let me just say one word... Mosquitoes! May might be better because the little critters hopefully won't be as bad. Have fun!
  11. As of this afternoon there seemed to still be a good selection.
  12. Oh, and rock shoes for $30. Muiras or whatever else is left.
  13. TNF Seattle 75% off, no kidding. I got a pair for $100.
  14. Anyone going to be in Utah? (Indian Creek & Moab) I'm leaving this weekend and plan to stay for 3 weeks or so. Hopefully it won't snow too much.
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