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Since I stopped climbing competitively and just did trad and alpine mainly for the last 3 or 4 years I assumed I would have 'forgotten' how to do the bouldering and sport climbing 'harder' moves I used to do. But I decided to go and try outdoor bouldering for the first time on tuesday and went back on thursday. On thursday I managed to get this sweet problem sent and made a little vid. I just think its cool after not climbing at my limits for a long time I can still 'remember' how to climb this stuff. Maybe I will keep with it now, it will probably help my climbing overall. Here's my vid, enjoy:





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Nice if you like contrived climbing.



is there any chance that this person could be stopped from posting in non-spray columns?


this kind of crap has no place in forums where people want to share their passions about what they do, free from cynical asides.


removing these kinds of posts from non-spray columns would probably help in having actual psyched climbers who are pretty good at what they do post more.

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