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  1. This is lame

    The rule change is a valid point to be upset about. I've done climbing comps for 12 years now and over the last 6 years the scoring system for ABS Nationals has changed 3 Times!! What sport changes their rules this often?
  2. Zeke's Wall Routes

    While taking a break from bouldering on Green Goblin a few friends and I hiked all the way up to the wall and were surprised to see two bolted lines and two fixed ropes. Anyone know the names or grades?
  3. Was able to get on these this weekend. The closest one to The goblet goes a 5.12a and the now farthest right climb goes at 10d/11a depending on whether the death block is used.
  4. The starts were wet but no waterfall. Are these open for climbing?
  5. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    Which part of the park is that? Finally made it out there over Christmas break for a day of bouldering. Amazing place! Will have to come down for a Wed. over summer to catch up!!
  6. Anacortes/Erie partner needed...

    I know, Desperate times call for desperate measures, a long shot...
  7. Anacortes/Erie partner needed...

    Hi, do you have desriptions for the middle 8 7 and 10? Is the 8 the compression climb and the 10 the sit for the crimpy big move 7?
  8. Hey Pad People

    Also available in Switzerland!!! Learned about them in my Geohazard class.
  9. Elwah Wall: Olympics. Dam

    talk to off, one of the guys from the tenino quarry crew headed up and could still reach the cliff via a different trail if i remember correctly.
  10. Olympia Bouldering

    If anyone has any info on boulders within 45mins of olympia i would like to know. i found some in Skommunchuck off of Johnson Creek road. There also is a TR at the boulder location. thanks! Also there is one on the Mt. Elanor trail I'm pretty sure.
  11. Olympia Bouldering

    On a side we refound this boulder, the thing was huge! I love the sketchy bolts on the top. Thanks for the hints!
  12. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    Easy approach? 5-10 mins flat? Please!
  13. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    Are we good for tomorrow?
  14. fall at exit 38

    SMR isn't any better. Last year I watched them take 4 hours to get a guy off WW1 ledge, with a trad anchor on a wall full of bolts! Did the guy mess up cleaning the anchor?
  15. Soft rock

  16. People's favorite 5.12 climbs

    There a little far away but the two 12s on the back of bath rock city of rocks are some excellent granite rock climbs.
  17. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    On Wed, my draws were taken from the route below oval orface, jug or not. If you know who took the draws, sling and bieners+a petzl spirit, please PM me there information. The draws were marked with tape, too!
  18. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    The draws were left because the route is hard to clean from 14 clips up. If ya here anyone talking about booty from little si, please ask them to leave the proj draws alone, thanks! A noob probably took them unknowingly.
  19. Olympic's

    While hiking up the left trial at staircase i could see a big open book corner on the top of the ridge on the north side of the river and was wondering if anything goes up it? Also, has anyone messed around on the little crag you can see off of highway 108?
  20. Retro- cleaned route at exit 32

    Is the 12a to the right of the 5.9 mixed on the list? Just curious, it has a very fun line of crimps on it and was quite enjoyable when i did it a couple years ago. sorry, i forgot the name.
  21. Down south near 410

    Any boulders or steep faces?
  22. DAYUM

    Cool looking for sure!
  23. Trash

    I know, and with relatively speaking, close bolts. Top was still 5.11 though. It's gonna be a long winter..,
  24. Trash

    AND I then LEAD the route on BOLTS. And Off, it was a good climb, I loved the solpey finish and powerful moves. First lead here as well, those photos are close to 5 years old now too. Psyched to continue to clean more lines, there's a 5.8 somewhere...