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Hey GZ,

I am not sure if your thinking of a compression type of garment or not but many athletes use these. They come in knee high, thigh high and waist high garments for the lower extremities. Bike racers, runners, and other athletes use them for when they are traveling to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots.

If you are thinking of warmth, etc. then windbriefs are the ticket.


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Farting in long underwear is like pissing in your wetsuit:


It makes you feel all warm and cozy for a minute, but then you just can't bring yourself to put them back on the next day. :sick:

There's two kinds of divers... those that pee in their wet suits and those that lie about not doing it.

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Ya know, back in the 80s climbing in hot lycra was a bold fashion statement. People eventually got sick of that kind of climbing attire, and now outfits like that are rare.


Fashion always goes through retro phases, and I'm sure hot lycra is due for a comeback.


Just in case you forgot I went through a old R&I mag from '87 and dredged up an add for this apparel. Soon everybody will have to get the right outfits to be a cutting edge climber.





This is for both men and women.

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