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Sherri Appreciation Thread


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It's nice to be appreciated. :)




When are you going to come back and ropegun for me again? I haven't been up Z-crack since that photo! (Could be a Harley ride in it for ya..... )


Sure isn't the same without you around here. Don't be a stranger! :wave:

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It is good to appreciate.



Out in Courtenay (BC) there is a Dad who picks up his young daughter after school on a Harley. Big intimidating guy, of course, but funny to see him turn red from embarrasment at the noise the bike makes as he leaves the oh so quiet neighborhood.

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Any time any of you wankers have the opportunity to spend a day climbering with Sherri, just go ahead and jump on it without giving it a second thought. She's a great climber (just look at those guns :shock: ), a wunnerful human being, and a serious kick in the pants to hang out with.

Highly recommended. :tup: :tup:

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Absolutely nuthin'! Just moderate it to the oblivionet; I won't be hurt.


Don't know if you can say the same for Erik. He's a really sensitive guy... :laf:


And I'm pretty sure that Sherri won't mind. She's warm on the inside, and tough as nails on the outside. Except mebbe for her shins... :)

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