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Bridge Collapse


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Also, a little more $$ accountability $$ would be nice.

I could hardly agree more.


BTW; The Tacoma Narrows project was magnificently funded, planned, and built. Also proves that more lanes = less congestion. Too bad all projects aren't as well thought out.

The thing that made the TN Bridge "go" is that it's being repaid with a $3.00 toll. I'd pay $3 to cross that bridge any day, and consider it money well-spent, not to mention a thrill.


Fact is, most people shriek at the mention of "toll" when they're so used to driving for free. The National Defense Highway System (your interstate freeways) were both a blessing *and* a curse. So much mobility, but now the traveling public is spoiled by freeways.

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So why this state's hard-on for mass transit? You can lead a horse to water....


Re RuMR's predictable Bush-rant: You can make the war $$$$ case versus anything that costs money. At least Rudy wasn't complaining about 'social' spending this time. The fact remains though, federal highway spending has grown - and I would guess that bridge was rated sub-standard long before Bush ... and the war.

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So as long as we taxpayers "pony up" you don't care if the money makes it to actual design/construction? You must be one of the bureaucrats/union thugs/politicians that are sponging up the $$$. You sure as hell don't sound like an engineer. Tool.

hey asshole...did you not read my comment about hoping it actually gets to the roads and bridges??? Dumbassfuckwad...

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I had a chance after work today to check out the area. A coworker invited me to his house which is the apt bldg overlooking the bridge that they have been talking about a lot on the news. His roommate was one of the first citizens not involved in the accident that got out there to help, I guess. They have it pretty well blocked off in every direction, so views are limited to the public. I was actually pretty happy to see that because even though there is a a bit of curiousity, I dont think I would have wanted to see more than I did. I;ve already seen enough on TV.


My co-workers view out his bedroom window is that of the bridge ontop the train. He isnt sleeping at night because of the floodlights they have and the police activity on the street below. He cant easily come and go because his parking lot is marked off with police tape.


Just about every block surrounding the roped off areas are polluted with media trucks and people (like me today) who are walking by to catch a glimpse. I walked down to my usual exit, which is one up from the collapse to eat lunch at a nearby restaurant. There was a cnn convention inside (not really, but quite a few of them). I overheard them say they had a flight scheduled out of here on Tuesday. I know it is just their job, but it was uncomfortable to see such a somber mood inside from everyone but them.


Exactly one week ago, to the hour, I was cursing out the bridge because they had it closed and we were trying to get out to the crag before it got dark. We drove home on it that night. I used it the afternoon prior to the collapse. It was a VERY erie and spooky feeling to see such a large perimeter and the road itself completely empty. I tend to be a little overly sensitive, so my reactions may be a bit extreme. I really felt sick to my stomach and had a hard time holding my tears back. Thinking of all the fear involved on the bridge and in the community is just heartbreaking. Though I wasnt the only one standing/walking around with tears in there eyes.


This city is going to be a mess once people are back out on the roads again. There are not many options to get from one side of the city to the other right now with the majority of bridges/access roads closed. I expect it will be weeks if not months before they open some of them. Other options require an additional 5-10+ mile detour, which will likely be much busier than usual.


I took a few photos at one point. There is nothing spectacular about them in comparison to what the media is constantly exploiting. They are more or less realities of what myself and others in the community will live with for a long time. They represent a piece of my home and history destroyed I felt a little 'dirty' taking the photos. Yet, I also felt is was important to me and harmless to others. I may share them with others in a day, weeks, months, or possibly never.


In the meantime, good vibes are continuing to flow to families who are missing loved ones, the injured, and the ones immediately affected on the bridge that day.



www.startribune.com is the local paper that can provide you with more accurate and up to date information than cnn/msnbc/etc. At least thats what I've seen.



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Hugs, Carolyn. Do what you need to do whether that's taking pictures, crying, whatever.


And just ignore those who don't get it. Otherwise it can drive you crazy.


I used to live in the Marina District of San Francisco. I remember one day hearing voices outside my window. There was a group of people down below on the corner with one person talking and pointing out things. It was an earthquake tour where people paid to be led around the neighborhood and hear what had happened during Loma Prieta. I hadn't lived there then, but many of my friends, including one of my best friends who's building got condemned, had and I remember waiting long hours to hear from them after the earthquake. I guess people just wanted to see what had happened, but it just felt really wrong to me.

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