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  1. I bought these boots a couple years ago, but have only used them for a few day trips because they're too small for me. I should have returned them when I still had a chance, but am now just hoping that someone can put them to good use. I can deliver anywhere is Whatcom county and am open to figuring out shipping. I am asking $50. They are size 11.5 (should have gotten 12s ) Thanks!
  2. This might be the same place mentioned above but the Sunset Slabs have a bunch of easy top ropes and a couple sport routes.
  3. I'm glad you had a good trip. Did you notice if there was still much snow in the Southwest Couloir?
  4. Apparently he isn't alone. *Warning: The following video most defiantly contains nudity* Bike Porn (the movie)
  5. McStupid

    Bridge Collapse

    Man, that's a quite situation. I used to cross that one a bunch. Kinda glad I don't live there any more. I salute all those affected by this crazyness.
  6. Metric system??!! That crazy rest of the world.
  7. Thats the spirit! And you're right mythosgrl. Food scares me sometimes.
  8. It seems like most things done to support a global population of this proportion has some sort of detrimental impact. We very well could be fucked.
  9. McStupid


    Summer Meltdown This one is kinda expensive, but is pretty fun from what I hear. Okanogan Family Faire (AKA Barterfair) Their web site sucks, but the festival is sweet. Happens in the fall sometime. Oct I think.
  10. Putting a road over a functional trail may not be the best idea. I guess I don't know how rough or dangerous the trail really is, but it sure hasn't kept climbers from making it up there.
  11. Yes I agree. The whole concept is pretty wacked.
  12. From what I recall it seems like most of the routes I've done in Squamish have involved trad climbing to some degree. Although that is what we were after so it's very possible that some sport routes were overlooked. I know there are some bolted lines on some interesting slab in Murrin Park ranging from 5.7 to something like 10b. I agree that Diedre is worthwhile, but it defiantly gets a ton of traffic. Head up there at night and you'll probably have it to yourself. In fact the whole apron area has a number of moderate multi-pitch routes. Mostly trad as far as I know, but defiantly worth checking out.
  13. There is a very substantial difference between legalizing pot and legalizing all drugs. And I doubt that everything would just change overnight. The whole idea is to control and tax the substances. That would make it safer for the user and give the government more money for schools, weapons, and world domination. It is a pretty common belief that putting resources into enforcing anti-marijuana laws is just plain silly, and I tend to agree. There are much larger issues that should be focused on.
  14. Do you by any chance know the approximate weight of the crampons? A quick search didn't bring up any useful info. I'll have more time to look around later if you don't know.
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