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  1. A trip told through my partner's self portraits

    Is that your tranny life-partner? I don't get it.
  2. Reagan Diaries

    There are, actually, huge ideological differences between Reagan and the Presidents Bush.
  3. [TR] Squamish - Angel Crest 8/11/2007

    Truly a great climb. Can't say I had a favorite pitch, but that last one was super awesome.
  4. Plantar fasciitis

    Not as hard as you might think. I have had tight psoas issues in the past, and my LMP taught me how to get in there with a tennis ball to work it. Unfortunately, you look like you're humping the carpet but, I've been accused of worse. There is also a good stretch, that isn't really that hard.
  5. The Unholy Marriage

    It won't get "silenced", Wayne, it will simply die. It is non-news. Must have been a slow news day.
  6. Stairs for training

    Burpees are good. So is skipping rope, 3-minute rounds with 1 minute rests. There are also a lot of great plyometric exercises which will work your calves/legs and your cardio. Tabata intervals are also killer.
  7. Bridge Collapse

    Wait until you start rolling BJJ with your boys...that will trim you down.
  8. Bridge Collapse

    Getting all twisted up just makes you shorter, sport.
  9. Mt. Maude, North Face

    Still facing North, last I heard.
  10. Cost of Ire

    I would say WTF to the whole study. The reality is, people of either sex who lose control are not looked well upon. Little miss post-doctoral misses the whole connotation of the word 'angry' when applied to Mrs. Clinton. She's not mad at any one, she's angry period...most prominently for being born a woman.
  11. Bridge Collapse

    Congress, not President Bush, makes the budget and appropriates money, right? So, Congress does what it can to appropriate money for bridge repairs (utilizing the gas tax, among other things). According to an AP story I just read, Transportation spending has increased 30% in recent years. Bush has, however, vetoed several Transportation bills. Why? Because of a high level of pork barrel spending attached to these bills. I know you don't like the President's war stance, Rudy; however, consider Congress's complicity, as well, in all this.
  12. Home Defense Firearm Suggestions?

    This is a huge misconception, and completely false, as the testing done here demonstrates. "Birdshot", as you call it, comes in many sizes. The testing done used #4 (what I use for pheasants), shot from a 19" barrel and had a shotspread of 3-1/2" (slightly larger than a tennis ball, I measured). 00 Buckshot tested had a shotspread of 2-1/2". Test distances were 12'. Please refrain from giving bad advice, which may affect someone's personal safety.
  13. Home Defense Firearm Suggestions?

    Which one "barely even requires pointing", and what sort of shot type, and shot spread, are you talking about?
  14. Home Defense Firearm Suggestions?

    This is one of the more ignorant statements I've seen, regarding shotguns. Even with a very open choke, shot patterns remain pretty tight at the distances at which you would encounter bad guys inside your house. You also advocate the use of slugs, which is good; except your statement regarding not aiming negates their effectiveness. The point is, if you're using that weapon, you INTEND TO KILL; do so effectively and efficiently, it could mean your life or that of a loved one.
  15. Home Defense Firearm Suggestions?

    His original question included the specification of a weapon his wife might be comfortable firing. Hence, the consideration of recoil. I think there is a difference between "comfortable" and "afraid of". Comfortable comes after hundreds of rounds which, odds are, the wife won't do. I would say that as long as she is familiar with the gun, has shot it, and knows it won't buck like mule, a 12-ga. would be an ideal weapon.