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hot rope deal -NOW!

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Hope some of you got one of those $83 60M ropes. I bought 2 of the 70M 10.2 dry ropes for $97.99 ea and am selling one to Kyle S.


He'll probably put it on e-bay and get $150 for it.




Counted the ropes in my basement: 8. All lead condition. *Cough* gearwhore* Cough*


Sold the 1st rope to Ujahn for a C note, Kyle got the 2nd one. Which may work out great as his bro. cored one yesterday.

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Sterling Marathon Pro 10.1 X 60M


Available in:

Dry Green Orange

Red Yellow

Description of Sterling Marathon Pro 10.1 X 60M :


Thick 40 carrier sheath puts more material where the rope meets the rock. This not-too-skinny cord climbs in balance between weight and toughness and is best suited for long trad and alpine routes, red pointing your latest sport project and all-out go-fast days. Firm handling, light weight and increased abrasion resistance are core. Works well with all belay devices.


Diameter: 10.1 mm

UIAA Rating: 1

UIAA Falls: 6

Impact Force: 8.6 kN

Working Elongation: 8.4%

Weight: 63 g/meter

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Link here


In Stock: Y

Product Description


Beal Edlinger 10.2 x 60 Standard ON SALE NOW!

Your Price: $116.95


End of Summer Sale! Save 10%!! until October 31


Representing the perfect balance between durability and low weight, the Edlinger is sure to give you wings on your next project. With a 10.2 mm diameter, this cord travels smoothly over rock and through carabiners, providing a lightweight, easy-to-clip connection to the stone. So, if you're looking for a rope that's not too thin, yet not too heavy… the Edlinger is your ticket.




Diameter: 10.2 mm


Treatment: Standard


Fall Rating: 8


Impact Force: 8 kN


Weight: 65 g/m



Manufacturer: Beal


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OK, this is Miss December until the 24th of Dec. Actually, what we have here is Miss November AND Miss December. 2 sweeties fer sure.


Now here's the fine print: when checking out, you must use the code HOLIDAY7 at checkout to get an extra 20% off of that price noted below. So that $114 rope will be $94. and change. If you need a rope and are low on scratch, this is THE SCHIZZ! Don't pass on it and then come whinning like in June "Oh ropes are all like $200." cause none of the rest of us want to hear that kind of crap. Just by the friggan rope now and store it in the factory sack in yer basement till you need it next June or next year, cause I suspect you will not ever see a SUB $100 (new) climbing rope ever again.



Edelrid Fat Rock Slim 10mm x 60m Non-Dry Rope -$94 when you use the code Still only $114.93 if you don't ask for the extra 20% off.


Weight 63 grams per meter

Dimensions 10mm x 60m

Impact force 8.8 kilonewtons

UIAA falls 7

Working elongation 8 percent




Same deal here except this is a 70mm dry rope, use the code HOLIDAY7 to get the discount. $119.93 is the exact and final price. You can have it shipped for free to your local REI for pick up too. Thanks to Geoff for pointing this one out when I sent him the info on the 60 meter one.


Edelrid Live Wire Hyperdry 9.8mm x 70m Dry Rope- $119.93




Weight 62 grams per meter

Dimensions 9.8mm x 70m

Impact force 9.4 kilonewtons

UIAA falls 7

Working elongation 7.6 percent

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