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  1. I'm diggin' this new deal site. Just ordered a TomTom One GPS $195. free shipping!
  2. dailyclimber.com has Rails from Woodys Holds 2for $48 and Free shipping today. I have their ice holds!
  3. Woodys Holds - Box of Rx $49.99 Erectile Disfunction, or ED. It describes your grandfather who chases your grandmother around the house in a bathrobe without shorts on. They invented a little blue pill for him. What does this have to do with rock climbing? Some climbers have ED and cannot get their ‘woody’ up! A select few can only get figure out how to get a half a ‘woody’or even attempt a lame ‘woody’! We have your solution – A fresh prescription of Screw-On holds from Woodys Holds in 4 flavors, Pockets, Jibs, Crimps and Edges. You know how to screw, right? With this set, any climber can have a solid ‘woody’. Choose your wall, screw on the 50 holds with the included screws and you will no longer have to suffer. We’ll even send them in a non-descript box with recycled packaging and you can tell your friends anything you want about what you bought, they don’t have to know. Now, if you want to let your friends on your ‘woody’, that is your business – We have a strict “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy. You think that was funny check this out!! dailyclimber.com
  4. Check out this veggie powered bus trip at: homecrag.com
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