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  1. Hey all. Havent been out in a season or two and one of my climbing partners suggested we try to get one last trip in before ice season starts here in the Northeast. I've been on the mountain plenty and know my way around. But all during the normal season. Been on the DC a couple times, Emmons, Fuhrer finger (BIG time avy on the Wilson forced us back down, there were pics of that on here somewhere...it slid HUGE).... Anyway...I digress. We have the skill and gear...Dont need any advice. Just looking for opinions on the average conditions around mid October on a similar year. I know the DC is almost fully "out" per most recent reports. I was thinking about the Kautz glacier or Gib ledges. (But may be too early for the ledges?) Was relying on the DC as a "backup" quick easy route...but doesn't look like it would be the case as the upper mtn has opened up real good recently. Were looking at the 3rd weekend in October. Obviously since were flying out and have limited time (5-6 days in the area), its a crap shoot weather wise. I realize this. And if the worst case happens we'll drive elsewhere to climb something else. Maybe the olympics, IDK. Anyway.....anyone care to offer their opinion on if its worth the $$ to fly out? I know what things look like late season....but considering the mtn's condition today, would it be any fun? Or would it be a total scree (suffer) fest? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey guys. Im looking to build up my collection of vintage gear. The older and more unique the better. Let me know what you have!! Reply here, PM me, or email CMS Stoneworks AT hot mail DOT com EDIT: to clarify, Im looking for old hardware such as pro, aid gear, ice gear, etc. IE: chouinard stuff, SMC, CMI, foreign mfg's,
  3. Hey guys....I NEEEEED one of these guys. Shoot me a PM if you have one I can buy from you!
  4. I will take the #9 burgundy metolius!!!!! Ive been looking for one of these for a LONG time to complete my rack!!! I will pay shipping. I'll PM you.
  5. Def not a typical post for me, but alas, I am looking to find some cheap bolting gear and some pins in good shape. I need a hand drill, bits (must be sharp if not new), bolts and hangers, I would also be interested in some anchor chains and such. I will be putting up some mixed routes if not during whats left of this season then next season. Or I may throw the anchors up this summer. I would like 1/2" stuff but would settle for some 3/8". Might also be interested in some glue ins. I have no use for any stubbies and only want stainless hardware. no plated stuff As far as pins, I need some for some alpine routes. I use mostly Knifeblades and lost arrows, but show me whatcha got. I am also looking for one or two BD spectre's or the like. Must be in good shape if not new.
  6. I may of missed it in your post but what size is yours? Kinda funny for a Jersey guy to need a avalung, but I spend a lot of time out west skiing and always thought about supplementing my avy kit w one. Im just not sure how practical they are. Guess I'll do some research.
  7. Pm sent on the bolting gear, some pins, and lowe balls.
  8. The showers in the old Jackson visitors center were the Shit! Same deal man...Nice hot shower after a couple days up high, and a incredible flat iron steak at the Copper Creek, topped off with a fresh slice of blueberry pie....ahhhh. Its what keeps me coming back year after year. Last year we drove town to town looking for showers....we came up empty.
  9. Anyone know their last known location? Or was it Paradise before heading up? Hows the weather today?
  10. Absolutely terrific. Awesome way to begin my day! Truly makes you appreciate their determination and drive!
  11. Damn it! half size too small for me! good luck with the sale
  12. Ive got two screws. One Black diamond that is literally brand new placed once, and another black diamond that is used but was sharpened by IME in new hampshire. Sharp and places great. Could obviously sharpen it again if need be. I will get the lengths when I get home tonight. They arent stubbies thats for sure. Theyre at least 20 CM. I need to build my ice rack but right now i need to get a few more cams to finish off the rock season. If they are the sizes your looking for and I get you pics, what would you be willing to trade for the two screws? Im interested in the light blue and purple metolius quads and a yellow camalot Just throwing it out there. Let me know and if your interested in trading i'll get some pics.
  13. you guys offloading any used gear like the other times?
  14. very nice! way to make the most out of a soggy day
  15. Scarpa Lasers are SOLD! Coleman stove is SOLD! Lowe Alpine figure 8 is SOLD!
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