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[TR] Three Fingers - Northeast Face (FA); FWA North Peak 2/3/2007

John Frieh

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Beautiful. The NF looks like it would go as a good ski. Was that your impression on the descent?


Disclaimer: I hate it when people give advice on shit they dont really have the credentials to do so (the 5.8 trad leader dispensing advice on how to train for rock climbing :rolleyes: )... I backcountry ski but I lack the credentials to start spitting advice on what is and isn't. Basically I'd say confirm with Dave: he is a way better skier...


With that said it was my impression that the part of the north face that you could ski would be rather short... i.e. a lot of hiking for not a lot of skiing. But hey... it's the cascades: get with the MO right?


I think the "plum" that is still waiting to be skied is the East Face couloir


East Face coulior ascent: Justin and Darin

East Face couloir descent attempt: round 1

East Face couloir descent attempt: round 2


Then again maybe the kids are already planning on skiing the NE face this year :brew:

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Skiing the North Face (our descent) would be fairly casual for a solid back country skier. Slopes up to 40ish degrees, but open and rolly. The exit chute at the very bottom might present some trouble. There were waterice patches that we downclimbed around, followed by a narrow scoured couloir. Justin and Darin made a rappel here once. You could continue the descent by looping back under the East Face, or skin up to Salish peak and go down the moderately open valley by the Squire Creek Wall (essentially reversing Beckey's approach beta for the NE buttress on Three Fingers. The whole thing would have great position and views.

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For anyone planning to ski the East Face Couloir my thoughts would be that it would very difficult to find it in good condition in mid-winter. The lower half has a funky weird double-fall line that gets hammered by ice, snow and rock peeling off the east face. It bakes in the early morning then goes into shade quite quickly. We found a breakable ice crust over looser snow which would make for horrible skiing. Maybe best in the spring or after a warmer than average dry spell?


Other than that the angle probably isn't more than 45 with plenty of width.



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