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Mt. Index North peak


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Originally posted by James:
caveman... do you find that you scare off many would-be girlfriends with those sharp serrated gonads of yours that can take you up the EDM?
shocked.gif" border="0

I dont have the gonads. I am only saying you must have some and be a little more watchful than trying to observe the conditions of that route other than posting here 2 seasons in a row on the interenet. Thinking and attempting are 2 different worlds. Think weather smile.gif" border="0 I say go when you can and be safe. Perhaps you are reading into some idea that I never meant to convey wink.gif" border="0

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Originally posted by Dru:
i wanna know what size gonad do you need for the crux pitch? #6 or #7?? help where is bigballsrocky for beta?
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To be more clear:If you have not attempted it then you might not gain any knowledge about it. Team up with BigWallBigBallsRocky for the 2nd ascent! You'll make headlines for sure smile.gif" border="0

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I am curious about the North Face of the MIDDLE Peak, the 1978 route by Klewin and McNerthy. Has anyone done this? Has it had a second ascent? It looked very nice when I went in to do the North Face/North Peak last year.

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