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  1. Peter, That certainly helps. I'm confident that the 3rd class slab you describe was our turn-around point. Next time I'll have to try one of the options that Forrest and others have described, and if I can't make it happen I'll just head down to that crossover. Thanks to everyone that has helped me out with this. As you all know, it is a long way to walk to just turn around before even reaching the Pickets!
  2. peter, on your website there is a picture titled ravinedown. from that point were you able to cross, or did you continue descending? after descending about 1000' from easy ridge we came to a spot similar to the one in your picture where we tried to cross via a rising traverse, but the combination of wet rock and serious exposure forced us even lower. forrest, thanks for your reply and the link. it sounds like there are many options up there.
  3. thanks for the TR, and congrats on your summit. perhaps someone can help me out with some more detailed information. i tried to do this trip last year, but didn't make it to perfect pass. we followed easy ridge in fog to where it seemed we could no longer continue and began descending. based on route descriptions we were looking for a crossing 1000' below the ridge, but didn't find anything that looked okay to us until 1800'. here we found a small tent site and an easy creek crossing. the first 100-200' of gain on the other side involved some thrashing before reaching a short rock step. from here we descended back to the small tent site to camp before walking out the next day due to poor weather and apparent route finding incompetence. based on that description, does it sound as if we were on route?
  4. i've got one of these i can part with for $60 http://www.integraldesigns.com/product_detail.cfm?id=692 size medium (i think), black, used only a few times PM if you're interested
  5. I'm planning to take two people from my work for a trip up the south ridge, which will be their first experience with an ice axe and crampons. How do you think first timers would feel on the north ridge route at this time of year? Nelson mentions short, steep steps along the route- how serious are these?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  7. I will likely be spending a few days at Priest Lake, ID at the end of this month. The people I'm going there with are talking about renting snowmobiles and riding the local groomed trails I'm hoping to find some human powered activities to busy myself with instead. AT is definitely at the top of my list, but some mellow ice or any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. i'm hoping to climb challenger this weekend. why were you unable to summit? looks like you already have some great ideas for 1 day trips in the area, and a couple other popular routes to consider might be WR prusik peak and NE ridge of black peak.
  9. Officially- no. I called the Longmire WIC and apparently no one has recently climbed to give a report, and no ranger patrols have been there this season. There is a team (Ted's?) that started up the route yesterday. Perhaps a conditions report will be available in the near future.
  10. i'd like to buy a few yards of this stuff to use as a tarp. however, i prefer to keep the sewing to a minimum, so what about using gromets along the perimiter instead of sewn loops?
  11. i'm not sure what you find hysterical about gary brill's post, but i think your preface to, and analysis of said post are pretty funny considering that he has been teaching avalanche safety to nw climbers for longer than many posters here have been climbing in the nw http://classic.mountainzone.com/ski/2000/avalanche/ anyway, good of you to share that info with the rest of us
  12. norman, thanks for your reply, and enjoy your traverse
  13. i'm looking for information regarding a driving route from paradise to ipsut creek campground. specifically, what is the fastest route, and approximately how long does the drive take? any help will be appreciated!
  14. Bivy sack is sold. Still have the plastics.
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