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I was having trouble locating CCH's David Waggoner's original comment that people here were referring to. For more schaudenfreude, here's a copy, from Wed. Jan 9, off Rock Climbing.com site. Odd that Waggoner signed first post but recall notice is just signed "sincerely CCH."

Who knows, maybe Waggoner's alleged allegation of a hoax was a hoax, though it sure sounds as if it was really written by an aggrieved and peeved small-business owner.


"The Silver brazed connections on Aliens are made by experienced ,skilled people who take great care in the quality of the braze. The accusations being made on this site are quite serious .

An examination by a certified metallurgical lab on the device in question is necessary in order to prove or disprove the claims made regarding alleged failure of the brazed connection. Without an actual report by a lab we will assume this is a staged hoax.

The cable on a 1.5 orange alien will hold over 3500 pounds, far more force than a falling climber could ever generate. When tested on a machine the cable will break ,not pull out of the cable eye.

--David Waggoner at CCH"

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I kept hearing "send them to me send them to me". I have 6 dimpled offsets I will send them to you for the price I paid and I'll pay freight.


Let me know soon.



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I don't believe anymore than what we already knew. I got this email from Mountain Gear:


Greeting Most Beloved Olyclimber,


A recent development concerning a limited number of Alien and Hybrid Alien cams, manufactured by Colorado Custom Hardware has compelled us to contact any of our customers we have a record of purchasing potentially affected product.


Our records indicate you may have one or more of these Alien cams. Please carefully review the following information and immediately stop using ANY potentially affected units!


Our concern is for that of our customers and any member of the climbing community that may be using these units. Colorado Custom Hardware™ is acting as quickly as possible to enable them to replace any units for climbers who still have the affected unit and are able to send them in. PLEASE, DO NOT USE ANY CAMS THAT HAVE THE IDENTIFYING MARK!


Please follow either of the following links to see an image and the official recall notice from Colorado Custom Hardware:






Colorado Custom Hardware, Inc

ATTN: Brazing Recall

115 E. Lyon St

Laramie, WY 82072


Thank you for your business and, please, climb safe!


Mountain Gear Inc.


1(800) 829-2009



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Yeah, expect that lots of people don't live and breath on the internet. I mentioned it to Ujahn (regular partner) like a week ago and he hadn't heard anything about it.


Sooooooooooo, look for dimples on your friends racks, double checking your own as well might be a good idea. Look very carefully. I had counted 6 offsets in my house with dimples at one time but when I went to send them back I only found 5. I had a couple of pieces loaned out, neither recall or hybrids though. Theres a bad piece somewhere in my basement or under my bed or on a friends rack or??....?



Things that make you go hmmmmmm.......... cantfocus.gif

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From rc.com:




The Orange CCH Alien cam that was reportedly involved in the Paradise Forks incident, has turned out to be dated 10-05, rather than the highly publicized date of early 2004. This information has been verified the by the Coconino County Sheriffs Depart both verbally and in photographic form, with Dave Waggoner of CCH, during CCH’s own internal investigation. It is however still unknown if this unit was clearly dimpled.


The window of the recall was 11-04 to 12-05, thus any Alien cams date coded during this period should be tested, dimpled or not.


CCH will tensile test customers’ Aliens, of any manufacture date at no charge, to ensure that they will withstand a fall. Testing is done to 2/3 the rated tensile strength. After testing, all cams are currently being identified with a “Tensile Tested” stamp on the main swage above the loop. We will test and return cams to our customers within 1 week of receiving them.


Please attach your complete contact information to each unit being returned for testing, to facilitate a speedy turn-around.



Dave Waggoner


Colorado Custom Hardware Inc.

115 East Lyon Street

Laramie, WY 82072 USA

(307) 721-9385


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Whoa I havent posted here in a few years...I was buisy partying but now Im back in school and ready to get back to the mounatains... and Im almost 21...lol anyway its nice to be back peace to all! Oh and I moved from crappy Bremerton to Oregon!! lol

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i recently ordered an alien from rei.com, well after the recall announcement. i got it, and it was part of the defective batch. the CS person didn't seem too impressed when i told her they were still selling gear that could, um, create some minor problems in case of a fall. but i bet their lawyers would shriek.

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