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  1. climbing/bicycling

    anyone up for an adventure.. leaving pdx via school bus on march 20th to red rocks.. bringing my fixed gear bicycle.. two weeks climbing in red rocks, then rid my bicycle to j tree.. repeat two weeks of climbing.. rid bicycle to yosemite, once more two weeks climbing.. then grey hound home to pdx.. i have partners with racks and ropes in j tree, and yosemite.. so all i need to bring is my shoes, and good attitude:) i'm gonna go really light weight.. 15-20lbs be back in portland early mayish
  2. la sportiva b5 size 12/46

    i ordered them and they are a half size to small for me only been worn for 20 miles.. brand new.. $60
  3. levenworth-wed, thurs

    levenworth wednesday, thursday? anyone
  4. friday i would be up for it fo sho..
  5. 5-13-18

    looking for some peeps do hook up with.. i haven't touched the rock since october.. but i need to get my ass in shape for the summer.. i have managed to loose all but a few nuts from my trad rack.. i have draws, rope and ride.. pm if you interested.. i'm in seattle, but am up for anything in the state..
  6. lost vole split board..

    sucks donkey balls
  7. lost vole split board..

    she blew off of camp muir and took a trip of sorts down the nisqually.. if anyone has seen her she could really help my ass get up denali..206.854.4683
  8. The perfect date climb

    i opt to nothin with females in the outdoors.. unless they've gone through hours of scrutinizing.. poking, proding and asking until i'm convinced that this won't be like it is with all those other guys out at frenchmans with their significate otros, hearing these girls scream, bitch, and complain about everything, until their celly rings and they get to talk way to loud to the girlfriends about how extreme they are and how nice it is to be in nature with about 50 other rookie craig dating bitches.. sigh.....so i over look my first instinct, and better judgment.. only to send 3 at tops 4 5 nothin sport routes, while trying to be nice, and understanding, and pretend that i am not seathing inside, because i just spent my last 20 bucks on gas to get fat ass on some rock, only to spend the day dealing with some girl who'd be better with the "abrocrombie climbers" and there cell phones, and expensive yuppie food, and VW jettas..

    i had a full set of aliens, i sent back to rei got my cash credit.. i wondered if anyone knew anything about when the new ones would be out for sale.
  10. Looking for climbing partner....

    looking to hit vaantage thursday