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  1. Boycott "Smith Rock 1986" documentary

    meh, i don't sport climb...or boulder i went to smith rocks once....with 2 #6 cams clipped to my harness
  2. Old school Men's Purple Down Jacket

    well, this monday i recieved an email from a user from rockclimbing.com (i'm on that site often, and they saw my postings there about purple down jackets) i got a link to seirratradingpost.com... MARMOT MENS TALANG ...PURPLE THE EXACT SAME JACKET I USE TO HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! ....ahem.....it gets better::: 99.99!!!! more than half the price of what i originally paid
  3. Old school Men's Purple Down Jacket

    ya....well, i'll be firing them an email later this week....there's another sport junkies (port moody) i wanta check out, and hit the downtown one again well i'm at it, maybe i should call Second Ascent in Seattle....They carry clothing right??????????
  4. Old school Men's Purple Down Jacket

    (who don't wear purple) about 10 months ago, my truck was broken into while i was in squamish... Someone stole my arc'teryx backpack containing lots of winter clothing (i was there doing winter aid)...i've slowly replaced the lot over the summer, and since winter is coming, i can't find a purple down jacket.... i need it......it needs to be purple.....call it Superstition...but that jacket has saved my life more than any rope, and i don't do winter/alpine/scrambles without it so, i've searched local vancouver shops for old models, gone to afew thrift stores and used sporting goods places, searched many catalogues by rei, mec, marmot, etc etc etc....searched all the big names course, i've found womens models....ahem, i'm 6'3, 190, +5 ape index (a typical mens large) closest thing i've found was an old school patagonia purple micropuff pullover (mens medium) for 20 bucks...hehehehe...but i still need a purple down!period SO!!! DUDES AND DUDETTES...help a brother out, if you know anyone with one they don't want, or you have that you don't want, seen one in a shop, plz let me know i'm aboot to call Feathered Friends to see if they can custom one for me..... cheers Phil... (who don't wear purple)
  5. sushi / car breakins?

    i had over 1000 bucks worth of down and alpine clothing (plus my highly customize arcteryx pack) stolen from my truck while i crashed at squamish hostel (too lazy to camp cus it was raining)...this happened back in feb (2006) while i was doin some solo aid....my rack was with me... what am i saying? just like everywhere else in the world, theres a chance some asshole will rip you off....tips? NO CLIMBING STICKERS, LEAVE NOTHING VISSABLE, PAY PARKING (where theres some dude to watch over your car), AND BE SMART(common sense)

    fresh from RCcola.com: Alien Recall from CCH check your aliens dudes and dudettes, one of mine is recalled..
  7. i'm finally retiring the homemade ones and getting some lessbulky ones.. i was thinkin about just geting 2 sets of 6 step but i want some more opinions about mixing a set of 6 step with a set of 5step.. afew people i've talked to prefer a set of 5step and a set of 6 step option cheers
  8. I'll be there in 2 weeks, and me and my partner are still curious about what to bring for gear, we'll prob end up bringing most our racks, but i'm trying to peice info together from what i've read. and if someone can confirm that only one 60m rope is required, or are there any that need two for a rap? I've read that most climbers don't bother with nuts at all in coulee?why?is there reason or what?i'm alil confused on this one bewteen me and my partner our rack: 30 QDs (bring 12 i'm guessing) 12 trad Draws (ALL) doubles of 3CUs 1/4 to 1 1/2 (half or all) double camalots #.5 to #3 (with 4 of #2) (bringing most) single of C4 #4 and C4 #5, single camalot #3.5 (bring all) 3 sets of nuts (bring one) 11 tricams (bring a set) 2 sets of hexs (bring half of one, all biggies) tech nuts/ball nuts (heard they good, no idea) one #4 big bro (my partner will pro buy himself one) i'm curious if we may need some more big pro.....we'll prob be climbing nothing harder than 10a trad lines ..i'm still recovering from a hand injury and my partner has been stuck in the rockies without a belayer. any beta would be awesome!i'll be there from the 6th to the 10th of oct cheers
  9. Squamish Rockfall

    ya, me and my partner saw it, it looks like it cam ripping down diedre or bannana peel, i heard the "ROCK!!!" and looked over from Snake (where we were) to see a party jumping for their lives off the route. thank ful no one died (actaully, a hiker died on the chief trails the day before this, SAR and police helicopters were flying all around that day, enough to give me bad vibes of leaving the bluffs)
  10. [TR] Squamish Smoke Bluffs- Several 8/21/2005

    congrats on the first lead..
  11. TRable ice in BC

    I have a half season in the rockies and this year i'm hopping to have a full season here at home....i know obviously how to crank in screws and v threads (and trad pro as well)...so where are some good areas for TRing ICE? if there is any
  12. rc.com

    kinda right forum, flame me later whats up with it, is it just me or what (i can't connect half the time, the rest the site takes 20 mins to load a page) grrrrrrrrrrr....i can't survive on only 2/3 websites (sc.com, cc.com, rc.com)
  13. i just ordered a pair of MEGAs (being shipped tomorrow;monday)...cleared at $75 US has anyone ordered from their website before? fast, slow...good customer service?bad? whatcha say!
  14. WTD: bivy sack

    Lookin' for a good apline Bivy. no big demands, i don't care about frills and whatnot.