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Seattle Drytool Night


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Alright, so it's time for another Seattle Drytool Night. Make sure to check the link below for what you should bring and I've also posted the preliminary forecast. Make sure to bring gloves and warm close to stand around in. Please, if you plan to attend PM me so that I can get a head count. Thanks and see you there.


PDX Dry Tool Thread for what to bring and other info (note: for gear information only!!)



Thursday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and snow. Highs in the upper 30s.

Thursday Night: Rain and snow likely. Lows in the lower 30s.



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I think we have enough tools for 2 ropes, and i've got an extra set of Grivel G-12's. If you've got your boots and clothes that's probably all that's necessary.


Yes, there will be plenty of tools to go around with a nice surprise for those who come. You will need boots and crampons and definately some warm clothes. I have extra harnesses (2) and one extra helmet (w/headlamp) for anyone who does not but still wishes to come.


The Plan:


Be at the Issaquah P&R at 3:00pm 12/1/2005 around the SE corner entrance (NW Newport Way and Highway 900). Depending on how many people show up, so far about three others for sure, we will decide what location to hold it at to allow the most climbing time for everyone.


Hope to see you there


<timmay> yoda.gifrockband.gif

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I don't think anyone will knock you for attending World Aids Day unless they are a Bush party affiliate. Oops, that belongs in spray.


Anyway, it was another good night of climbing with the added effect of snow. It almost felt as if we were in the mountains, almost...


Next week, same bat time, same bat channel. Bring on the spray!

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I and two partners tried the right hand steep crack/dihedral today. We collectively cleaned the route of a large loose flake and a troublesome bramble, but otherwise the route went, pretty fun, powerful moves but not as long as the other two lines. Setting a TR anchor for this line should be feasible.

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