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TR for skiing Wa Pass by Jordan


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This is my son Jordan's (age 8) TR from last weekend! It's an email he dictated to me for his Mom in Vermont.


Thanks for the email. The weekend was great. On Saturday, we parked at the big hairpin turn at Washington Pass and put skins on our skis. At first we were in the forest. My skins were slipping, so we took them off. My feet worked better....for awhile, but then I started sinking up to my hips so Daddy had me put the skis back on again and he invented the daddy tow. He tied 2 ski poles together in a row and tied them to his butt pack and I held on while he he towed me. It was creepy at first but I got the hang of it. We got up to 2 skinny trees and took our skins off, put my shell on and skiied down. That was awesome! We went down thru trees and an avalanche gulley with bumps in it.That was the best part. Then we went back to the cabin. Then we went to the river and we found 2 beaver dams and saw where they chopped down all sorts of trees. We helped them by throwing logs in the pond and putting some big branches on the dam where the water was flowing around. Then we saw a Canada goose sitting on a log. We went too close so she flew away. She was sitting on a nest, so we went up to look and saw 5 big yellow eggs. We got outta there fast so she would come back. That night I made a campfire all by myself and it was smokey. There were about 10 people and I was the beer bottle opener. I used my knife with the special blades. We had marshmellows too. The next morning my fire was still going so we threw logs on. Then we cleaned up and put out the fire with water and then went rock climbing. I climbed a double black diamond in my bare feet. I did 3 routes and the last one was the hardest. Stebbie, my Dad's friend was nice and I liked Kurt too. Stebbie played soccer with me. He is from Iceland. Did you know Iceland is green and Greenland is ice?





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That is a great TR. Was up in that area as well and took some cool pictures of skiers below us and may have been you guys?? Hell, the one shot I took made photo of the week on summitpost.com fruit.gif Tried to load up a few here but as always they come back saying they are to big and not a clue how to make them small enough.

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ThanX for the great Post. It is refreashing to read such a nice post. It is great to see someone sharing the outdoors with their kid and making him a priority, he is going to remember that trip for along time!


Matt 19:14-15

14 Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."



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