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  1. TR - Flapjack lakes/Sawtooth Ridge

    I guide for a small company that is based out of Eatonville. The company is called Tahoma. The programs that we run are like outward bound. We take 14-18 year olds out backpacking and climbing for 10 day trips. Its great work, the kids are great. We will be running a good chunk of our trips this summer in the Sawtooth area. So, if any of you are up there this summer and see us come say hi. The kids would dig it! I will keep in touch with you guys that are looking at doing the traverse, I think it would we a sweet trip!
  2. Backing off vs Pushing self

    The mind game is what its all about! Conquering your fears and pushing through it is one of the most rewarding aspects of climbing. No fear no fun. Cheers
  3. TR - Flapjack lakes/Sawtooth Ridge

    Sorry for the confusion on the pass. I ment needle pass. I was back up there over this past week. I guided a trip up through flapjack-black and white and back through Gladys divide. We were up there for 4.5 days. Black and white lks is still under snow, but the trail is good from big logs camp and also from the flapjack side. I climbed the needle while staying on Gladys divide....enjoyable climb. i was even able to top rope it for the people I was guiding. Anyhow the place is SURREAL. Right now I am thinking about doing a complete ridge traverse of the sawtooth with a buddy. Anybody done it? Johnathan
  4. I wanted to pick some of your guys brains that have been to the Sawttoth Ridge from the Mildred Lakes approach. I wanted to know what the usual approach time is and what kind of condition the trail might be in this time of year. Plus, what is the trail like during the summer if you know. Right now I am trying to send to different groups in from Flapjack lakes side and Mildred Lakes Side. And my question is: what would be the best way for the two different teams to cross paths and go out the opposite starting point? If this topic has already been discussed could you point me towards any relavent threads? ThanX Johanthan
  5. Myself and another guiding buddy of mine went up to check out Flapjack Lakes and the Sawtooth Ridge area for this summers guided trips. I was very impressed with the area, very serial and majestic. I made it up and through Cruiser Pass. It wasn’t very difficult to get up to the bass of the Needle. I just kicked stepped the whole way up without crampons or ice axe. There was snow just below Flapjack lakes. And from there we used snow shoes up to the bass of Cruiser Pass. It was pretty slow going from the lakes up to the pass, because of a fair amount of snow. Plus, it was our first time there and we had to route find our way up, since there was no trail or even a boot track. It seemed as if we were the first party up in this area this year. I wish we had more time up there, but we wanted to be back in town for our moma’s. I would have loved to have hung out up there and tagged a bunch of summits. If any body plans on going up there anytime soon and go all the way to Cruiser Pass you might enjoy skiing down, the only skiing I got in was on my butt! Johnathan
  6. TR for skiing Wa Pass by Jordan

    ThanX for the great Post. It is refreashing to read such a nice post. It is great to see someone sharing the outdoors with their kid and making him a priority, he is going to remember that trip for along time! Matt 19:14-15 14 Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." NIV
  7. Beta -Sawtooth Ridge?

    MAN! this is sad. No one has any personal beta on climbing trips into the Sawtooth Ridge area? I guess this place never sees much traffic. Why? The Rock....The approach.......Easy Routes..........What is it?
  8. Beta -Sawtooth Ridge?

    I was mainly looking for personal experiences in the area.I already own the guide book. I am just trying to snag some extra beta that is not in the olyimpic guide books. Has anybody climbed the fin, horn, Mt. Cruiser or any other peaks in that range. If so, beta would be appreciated. Regarding the rock, routes, but mainly are there areas to set top ropes for groups. ThanX
  9. Beta -Sawtooth Ridge?

    I was looking for beta on climbing around and on the Sawtooth Ridge just above flapjack lakes. (i.e. rock quality, single pitch, multi., areas to set top ropes for groups, approach issues, etc.) ThanX Johanthan Kurth
  10. proper breakfast diet

    -Bowl of Oatmeal -OJ w/protein mix -2 potched eggs on toast Lasts most the day
  11. Top roped soloing - what's your favorite device?

    I would have to agree on the Ushba ascender. I've been using mine for years now and I love it, its great for doing laps and training. I also like it for doing and making problems higher up the wall where most of the boulders wont go, plus mainly because it doesn't wear on rope like the other ascenders that use teeth do. If your looking to buy one or look at it Nelson's shop in the U-district usually carries it.
  12. TR-Solo Lovers Lane (Lane Peak)

    Thanks guys for the nice comments! Thanks for taking that picture- shuksan. Am I the little blob about 5/7 the way up the route on your attachment, where I ran into the rock climbing sec? Were you the two snowshoers that I ran into at the base of Lane Peak?
  13. TR-Solo Lovers Lane (Lane Peak)

    Ya no proablem Phil I will surly credit you as soon as I can figure out how to save it as a J-peg or something like that. Oh ya nice pic. unfortunatly I didn't get a chance to snap any new ones. JK
  14. TR\Ski Decent- Lane Peak

    I have posted the TR under the Rainier Sec. I couldn't figure out how to attach the thread to this forum. Anyways, enjoy! JK
  15. TR-Solo Lovers Lane (Lane Peak)

    I tried too, I am not sure how. It says the picture can't be uploaded because its not in the right kind of format. Could you tell me how to put my attachment into a file that is acceptable for uploading to the Gallery? Plus I was woundering how can I forward this thread to someones email? ThanX