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  1. Car Question

    Another Crosstrek owner here. Gets up to 38 mpg highway. If I drive it in the city, I can get upper 20s but if my teen/twenty-somethings drive it they get low 20s. It's been good in the snow and with a roof box, good for long ski trips with a car full of my son's friends. Plenty of ground clearance. It's smallish and easy to park, etc. in the city.
  2. Another Friday bump. Someone buy this harness. Pics and description at the BD site.
  3. Friday bump. Someone needs this harness. I'd keep it but my fat ass won't let me. It's brand new. Is my price out of line?
  4. Brand new current model Black Diamond Aspect harness, medium, blue. Never used, tags still attached, never taken outside. It just doesn't fit me and I can't return it. $60.00. Prefer local sale but will consider shipping at buyer's expense. Send a pm if you are interested. Thanks.
  5. Return from ACL surgery

    Another data point. I had ACL replacement surgery about 10 years ago. Patella tendon graft. It took about 1 year to fully recover the knee function and a few more before I could kneel comfortably. I think if I had to do it again, I'd very seriously consider an allograft (cadaver tendon) because it really speeds the recovery. Heed the other advice and hit the PT hard. I think that within the year, my knee with the replaced ACL was more stable than my other one. I don't worry about it at all any more, ski hard, climb and hike, and have never used a brace (my doc said that they don't help that much and you should just work on strengthening your quads and hamstrings -- YMMV). Good luck.
  6. Icicle Canyon Smoke Update???

    Indeed. I certainly didn't expect it, even with the fires and bad air of late but it turned out to be pretty much perfect for us. Couldn't have been more lucky. Hope things are OK for you folks today and that you get some more relief.
  7. Icicle Canyon Smoke Update???

    It was quite clear yesterday and we had Snow Creek Wall practically to ourselves. I hope the conditions continue to improve.
  8. Icicle Canyon Smoke Update???

    Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the response. Hope it improves for you soon.
  9. Icicle Canyon Smoke Update???

    Thanks. Doesn't sound promising for the weekend.
  10. Icicle Canyon Smoke Update???

    Any new news on the air quality? Any information appreciated. Thanks
  11. Found: Rope on North Ingalls, South Ridge

    That works for me. I'll bring it to my office. Check your PMs for my phone number and CALL me to make specific arrangements. Hope that works for you.
  12. Found: Rope on North Ingalls, South Ridge

    Check your PMs for contact info. Next week is fine. Curt
  13. Found: Rope on North Ingalls, South Ridge

    Thanks for the reminder. I read about that but never put the two together. That could explain things. I'll see if I can figure out if they are related.
  14. I found a rope on Sunday, June 24. If you lost a rope and want it back, describe it and tell me where I found it and we can make arrangements for you to get it back. Send me a PM. Curt