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Pub Club 2/25


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Alex, I'm out. Evidently since I choose to hang out with women, I'm not a part of the climbing scene. har har har.

As if I fucking care. I just thought it would be fun to actually hold one of our illustrious climber babes in my arms and strut across the dance floor, but evidently that's too "meat market dating service" for some. So you fellas and fellettes have a good old time talking TR's, chestbeating and whatever the hell else it is you do, and I'll go dancing with the "uncool crowd" at a happening club.

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AlpineK said:


Or show up a few times and someone might be willing to listen to your choice of venue.


Yah, touche! I haven't been yet, my bad. Hey, though, I just friggin signed up in December, then left for two months climbing, so gimme a break. Next week sounds good, and let the K5 girls pick sounds even better -

God knows what the newscast on Wednesday might be, though...


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What's up with all this talk of next week. Next week is next week. we'll be fighting about that soon.


This week Al's is winning (poll on pg 1) right now.

I'll go to any of those places, but right now I'm going skiing so haha you suckers. wave.gif


Try and figure it out by early afternoon!

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