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  1. Used lightly, 800-fill premium down with Epic waterproof shell. Charcoal, regular length (80”) with baffled zipper and neck. Professionally cleaned, no stains or odors. The sleeping bag has a whopping 9” of loft! One small pin-hole on the inside bottom, filled with seam sealer & smoothed. With the Epic shell, this sleeping bag is around $700 new. I recently picked up a used Hummingbird that is more suited to my needs - just want to cover the cost of the other bag. A great deal for an awesome alpine sleeping bag! Shipping included to continental US.
  2. There are Old Climbers...

    Shit! I forgot the password for the OLDEST ONE! Just desserts.
  3. crag Beer

    That's the one for Hueco. Now shouldn't you be doing some climbing in RR instead of spraying?
  4. There are Old Climbers...

    Atleast I can remember old passwords, I_Morris!
  5. There are Old Climbers...

    There are Bold Climbers but you all still suck!
  6. Wedgwood boulder

    Boy! That sure brings back some memories!
  7. 5000 for Mr E

    It's rather sad, really
  8. Pack it up, pack it in......

    Yayy! Another Fool!
  9. What's Your Problem, Meng?

    Yah, man! I got a passle of hassle with you gettin all up in it wit me
  10. Bitch about Bob While He's in Europe Thread

    ...ahh, here we go. And you know he does that euro-massage? After Layton got a series of massages, he started to climb like a euro! I saw him flying into Ceuse to do a sick drop-knee on a famous .14a for the cameras, then, whisk! Away to the Dolomites... Just sad, really, he used to be a rad soloist... Dammit, Bob!
  11. Fav movie quotes

    "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" "That's why there ain't a repo man I know don't do speed" "Oh my God, it's SO huge!" (whoops)
  12. I'm Drunk!!!

    Boring-Boring... I bet you are the first one to do THAT...
  13. Dear Pope

    I know you are nice and isolated in your own goddamn (whoops!) country over there, but you gotta keep a rein on your flockin' flock. That Boston thing is BAD NEWS, Dude. Reminds me of a not-so-joke: "A priest, a homosexual, and a pedophile walk into a room, and that's just the first guy..."
  14. Climbing Magazine Jumps the Shark...

    Whatever to the spraying gumbies, Chris has THE RIGHT ATTITUDE. The rest is jealousy.