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Smith Rock anyone?


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I think I have this weekend available for climbing. Would much rather do alpine climbing but hey any climbing is better than nothing. Weather not looking good right now in the Cascades. So happens a good friend from Utah is coming up to Smith so I might head down to meet him. I usually bivi on the lawn at my friends house in Bend and so was wondering if anyone is interested in joining me to climb 5.7 to 5.10 routes. And yes I like to party in my car!

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BTW for those who don't know the drive is much quicker from the Seattle area if you drive I-90 to Ellensburg, south through Yakima and down 97. And I'm not talking minutes, you'll save seriously hours if traffic on I-5 is bad. Last time we ran into some people at a motel who left Everett 3-4 hours earlier than us and we got there at the same time.

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I'm driving to Smith leaving Seattle this Fri afternoon and returning Sunday evening. I have room if anyone wants a ride. I'm bringing my 6 year old son to be my rope gun. lol. So if anyone wants to go or is looking for someone to climb 5.6 to 5.10- routes at Smith this weekend, I'm available. Call my cell phone at 206-714-4300 and leave a message. I'll be at my friends house in Bend and there's room if you're ok sleeping outside in his yard.

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