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  1. you could always try Chamonix, France. But if you don't free solo 5.14s and handglide down than your considered a gaper by those French.
  2. My advice is to move to the Rockies. I moved from Portland to Steamboat Springs, CO and haven't looked back. I'm with you, the rain gets old, you need sun or snow to really have fun playing. You have it all here, local crags, sport, trad, mountain biking everywhere, and plenty of boarding/skiing on the mountain or plenty of backcountry. plus there's a sweet waterfall to climb real close to town along with a kayak course that basically runs through town. Did i leave anything out? Its great here, easy to get a job, a community college, and rent isn't bad at all and i live a mile from the gondola. Plus you don't get the Denver crowds as the other mountains do.
  3. Any good links for the Colorado Rockies. Haven't been able to find much (actuall haven't looked to hard). Thanks
  4. Its all about having a sweet pick-up line.this is one that works on drunk college girls:"wanna get a pizza and fuck?" what lines work for you guys. or better yet, what lines have you blokes attempted. good luck on the date
  5. I am a skier turned snowboarder who has great interest in having a better way out of the backcountry flats than taking off my board and having to hike out. Therefore, (with other reasons as well) I am thinking about getting some teli skis. I don't know much (actually anything) about teli skis and equipment, but have full confidence in enjoying the sport both at resorts and woods. So if any of you know much about equipment, can you please give some feedback on this. Some guy is selling Salomon Axendo 8 skis (195cm, i'm 6 ft.) with a Voile 20mm riser and Red Chili bindings. They are all in great shape and the package is selling for $175 I have looked around the internet and seen prices for these bindings from $90-145. I can't find any prices for these skis, but have heard good comments on them, especially for tree skiing. Please let me know what you think of these skis and the deal or any other info you think would help. Thanks a lot and happy skiing
  6. Nice to see an upstate Yank. If the weather gets cold, you should be all set up there in the Dacks. The ice and rock are great up there and the crowds are minimal. and i'm sure you'll make it to the Notch in VT and Lake Willougby. Its too bad you guys are having such a warm winter. My friens are still on rock out there in New Hampshire
  7. Another one bites the dust. what is your resource for this info. its a shame. got i got a solid backpack from them already
  8. Erwin


    you guys want freshies, come to steamboat springs. over 80 inches have fallen here since turkey day (sorry canadians, i don't know what that is in decimeters). any cascade climbers out there really Colorado Climbers. i'm looking for ice partners for the winter.
  9. If any of you want to go Friday or Saturday,let me know. Jason
  10. OK,i'm moving next week and want to get a chance to get on Hood before I leave. I'm also looking forward to the freshies and using my new snowshoes and warm up my riding skilss before heading to the rockies. Anybody out there looking to take advantage of the snow up there this week? let me knowjason.erwin@ef.com
  11. I just belay and rappel off my pant's belt loop. Is there anything wrong with that? works sucks
  12. Pencil Pusher, You must have some serious time on your hands. Good observations, you should be a detective
  13. I have interest in the Alpine Axe? What kind? size? Use its seen, etc? email jason.erwin@ef.com
  14. I'm looking for someone to head to Hood or Bachelor this weekend for some fresh turns. It seems to be snowing on the Cascades all week and want to strap on the board. Don't care if you want to ski, ride, glissade, summit, or fart around. I'm just looking forward to play on the snow and cut some turns. Let me know. I live in Porland. jason jason.erwin@ef.com
  15. Anybody want to do some skiiing/riding this weekend? Mt. Hood, Bachelor, whatever the hell has snow on it. I'm in Portland, drop me a line. jason.erwin@ef.com ps. i need a ride cause my broke ass aint got a car
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