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    Check out his Harsh Realms web site. Angela sure is a hottie! Scott why do you want to climb a cold distant mountain when you have her at home...LOL Funny how I climb much harder and more often when I'm single. Wonder why that is..LOL
  2. Cavey, I would be careful of this group. I hear the chosen victim is made to put on spandex and then climb a 5.8 route that has bolts every three feet. Loathsome bunch of miscreants they are!!!
  3. Basecamp Cuisine

    I figured with all of the collective experience on this board I could troll for easy and tasty dinners that can be whipped up at basecamp. Since I rarely even cook at home I am a bit challenged in this area. I usually cave to apathy and bring Top Ramen and sandwiches. Maybe if we get enough recipes Martha Stewart will publish a cookbook to go with her new upcoming title: Penal Panache: Good Eats for those Doin' Hard Time.
  4. Gu and Cytomax on sale.....

    quote: Originally posted by jon: at Performance Bike in Bellevue. 24 pack of Gu $20, 3.5 pound can of Cytomax for $25. Didn't see any horsecock on sale sorry. But they do have the handy refillable horsecock dispenser [ 07-04-2002, 01:36 AM: Message edited by: jblakley ]
  5. I prefer to be by myself...

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: quote:Originally posted by smutass: oh get over yourself. partners are for holding rope, not for your enjoyment. yes- i see your problem - maybe you suck ass? arrrrr, me arch nemisis agent orange crazy polish bob wankage is back! buh bye! What this BBS needs is an enema. Nah he might like that. Never mind.
  6. I prefer to be by myself...

    quote: Originally posted by Terminal Gravity: while I'm climbing with my friends. Hey bartender...some crampons, an axe and some fear. It's not that I don't like partners; I just feel better when they are not around. Seriously, My experience with partners has been either negative because we don't get along, or they punk out or we fail for other reasons or they are dangerious to themselves or me. My success rates lately are much better solo. But, solo is limiting. I'm frustrated. Do others have experience or sage advice on this subject. Gee I kinda feel the same way about sex.
  7. 86ed

    quote: Originally posted by Dennis Harmon: Dru, Where and when can I buy some of your Dirt Bolts? Will they be sold in Leavenworth? Maybe you could talk your distributers into re-soleing scuba climbing boots, as well. Just a thought. Dennis Lawn Darts work great. Just make sure you girth hitch the runner in close to the soil so as not to lever it out.
  8. 86ed

    Gee, all I got's to say is "Hmmmmmm" LOL
  9. Cragging today

    Looking for someone to do a little sport cragging with today at either exit 32 or 38. Happy to do anything from 5.9 to 5.11. Call if interested. 425-761-5343. Let's yank! Jim
  10. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    -You buy a brand new 700 dollar portaledge and sleep on it with your dog while it is hung from your living room ceiling. -You use your brand new haul bag as luggage to impress your fellow airline passengers on your trip to Bali.
  11. Exit 32 this afternoon

    Hey y'all, I'm meeting some friends in N Bend around 4:30 to climb at exit 32. If anyone is interested in joining us give me a ring at 425-761-5343. Jim
  12. Accident at Vantage

    Even seeing Jim in a coma at Wenatchee hospital on Sunday night I had a feeling he would be ok. I've lost 3 friends over the years to mountaineering accidents but never had someone this close to me hurt this seriously in a rock climbing accident. Jim is a fucking rock and a great human being and I am very happy and relieved that he is well on his way to recovery. I really want to thank all of you guys for all of the support you've shown over the week. I know everyone on here flips each other shit from time to time but I really believe that everyone truly cares for everyone else and I would trust my life to just about anyone on this board. Fuck the critics, this is a good climbing board and I'm proud to be a part of it! Here's to Jimbo and here's to all of you.
  13. HELP. Please.

    One way to make lowering on a Gri-Gri smoother is to use the curled metal plate on the back of it as the main braking element by pulling the rope over it and down and have the lever as a back up. If most or all of the braking is done by the lever, jerkiness is unavoidable.
  14. Accident response...

    I was a second responder in an accident last spring involving a woman I knew. I can remember being very upset as I was being lowered to her and saw all of the blood around her but upon landing next to her I went on autopilot, was able to stuff my need to control the situation and instead was able to be assisitant to the first responder who was actually very well trained in first aid. My climbing partners were very competent. No egos got in the way and we very quickly put someone in charge and let that person make the decisions with no protest from us. In this situation we had all been through some rescue methods training and I believe all of us at some point had had a MOFA course. I would have to say that training and humility are major ingredients of a good rescue. A rescue is a bad time for power tripping or egos to flare up. We all kind of went on autopilot and only afterwards did it hit me and I had a good cry. Doug will have some good stuff to say about this one.
  15. Accident at Vantage

    Talked to Jim's mom this morning. His condition is essentially unchanged. Still in a coma. On the plus side he is breathing on his own and cat scans have shown that he has 100% brain function. From what I gather the main questions are when he will wake up and when he does if there will be any lingering damage.
  16. Celebrity Starfish Stolen

    That makes sense because I heard Rosanne Arnold peed in Ray Borbon once. That's kind of a beautiful cycle of life vibe eh?
  17. Celebrity Starfish Stolen

    There was another stolen celebrity sphincter. As it turns out this one was very cleverly hidden. It turns out that Rosanne Arnolds anus-scape was actually Crater Lake. Arnolds legal team is currently in litigation with the Federal Parks people to have this so called "landmark" returned to the rightful owner. No word yet on how the feds plan to fill the "void".
  18. Accident at Vantage

    Heard from Jim's mom about an hour ago. He is stable and his condition is unchanged. No worse..no better. Erik and Dru..point well taken. Jim has always been one of the more detail oriented dudes I have climbed with. Underlines the fact that any of us regardless of intent or experience is capable of making mistakes at any time and to never take climbing safety for granted. Thanks everyone for the support and well wishes.
  19. Accident at Vantage

    Just got back from visiting with Jim and his family at the Wenatchee hospital. We got to go in and see him and even though he was unconscious I'd like to think he knew we were there. He's a strong young lad and I have a feeling he will be waking up soon. Special thanks to Jon, Chris and Chad who acted swiftly in getting a helicopter out there quick even though the authorities didn't want to send one right away. Good job guys. Send all your good energy his way all my CC buds.
  20. Room for Rent

    Room for rent in N Kirkland area. 433.00 per month plus utils. Call 425-761-5343 or e-mail vreek_jim@hotmail.com
  21. Room for Rent

    Just moving this back to the top.
  22. Room for Rent

    Erik, Priveleges to The Recreational and Creative Love Suite can be purchased for an additional 100 dollars per month but you need to provide your own "Gimp" outfit. We also had to ban "Cloven Hoof" night. Neighbors were complaining about the odor. Sorry Charlie, your going to have use one of the trashy Ellensburg hotels from now on. Oh and Doug...don't you get uppity on me bitch lest I send you back out on the streets. Oh yeah room is still for rent as stated at the beginning of this thread.
  23. My contract at Uncle Bill's Bit Ranch is up in about 6 weeks. I may hop aboard the Top Ramen Express myself. Charlie, you and me can finally try freeing that new line up Tiger we've been lusting after for the last few years! Woo Hoo
  24. quote: Originally posted by Charlie: I'm suffering from post-valentines day trauma- did you know that 1/2 dozen roses costs the same as a cam? Not only that but a #1 Rose has nowhere near the range of extension as most #1 Cams.
  25. Henry Rollins, John Long, Captain Caveman

    Or sometimes Pope will have this leather Papal getup and he's holding a leash running to Coach who is wearing this cute little Altar boy outfit.