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  1. keep illegals legal?? WTF?

    so KK, do you have any other gears than "relentlessly hostile and humorless"? maybe you could poke around the hood, jazz things up a bit.
  2. keep illegals legal?? WTF?

    It's a very clever way of remembering how to escape topiary mazes.
  3. I'm a bad person

    Do you have a link?
  4. Can you say......

    Does anyone else see the irony here? No, do you have a link?

    It's better to be a pirate than a ninja.
  6. Wha' happen?

    Sheesh, I can't turn my back on you clowns for a moment. You left the lights and the door open last night, and now look what we have! Idahoans, Montanans, baristas, SNAG lolling about the place. What a fucking mess. I'm going out for a beer. When I get back, this shit better be cleaned up.
  7. potatoes suck

    I'm sputtering with indignation over here. Once I calm down, I'm coming back with both barrels blazing.
  8. Can you say......

    Heh. I was just wondering if there's any climbing along the SA/Namibia border. I guess I'll have to leave the NW trad ethics at home, and do as the Romans do.
  9. Right wing media stoops to all time low....

    E- stop using those emoticons! I bet you wouldn't use them to my face if we met, asshole! Shut your mouth when you're talking to me!

    Fairweather has promised to show up to serve Kurt his subpoena.
  11. Right wing media stoops to all time low....

    The topic of this thread is rape dickhead. Can you say legal action, Kurt? Hear,hear!! This is an outrageous case of the excessive use of emoticons! THE OUTRAGE!! JEEZUS!
  12. Core exercises?

    Forgive the link to a really odd site, but scroll down to the part about front lever progressions at DRAGON DOOOOOOOR!!!! [/cheese mode off]
  13. I got a fever

    explore that space and get back to me. I've got some weeding to do.
  14. my "new" toy

    When we shoot the video, try not to keep saying "yeah, yeah, ...fuck yeah" like last time. Try to mix it up, get playful, maybe a little bit of banter? Even with a good thing, you can overdo it.
  15. I got a fever

    quit flirting with me- I know you're married.
  16. my "new" toy

    That's what you get for hanging around with Pax.
  17. I got a fever

    Dude- it's not appropriate to joke about avian flu. Chicken-fucking, ok. Avian flu, no way.
  18. The Bellingham Climbing Scene Sucks

    mostly we run riot through the REI, tearing up phonebooks with our bare hands. We keep it real.
  19. my "new" toy

  20. my "new" toy

    Dad says you're not allowed on the bike until you mow the lawn and learn to spell.
  21. A True Snafflehound

    2 inch wasps!

  23. oh my god not Steve

  24. Did Bush authorize leak of Plame's Identity?

    Public Interest Leek