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  1. current song in your head

  2. for sale Price Drop! La Sportiva G2 SM—New! size 44.0

    Bump Still got ‘em. Brand new. Drop to $500
  3. My feet disappointed me big time. I really wanted them to fit these awesome boots. No such luck. Never worn, only tried on indoors. $675 email or text me nolanearson@gmail.com 503-867-6139
  4. [TR] Mt. Hood - Infinity Loop 06/21/2019

    This is fantastic—nice work!
  5. Climber killed, others injured at Thumb Rock

    Shit. More bad news
  6. Alpine Mentors Videos

    Good stuff—thanks!
  7. Mexico or Ecuador climbing

    We took a cab from DF to Apizaco for a Malinche hike. It was a bit pricey, but we were in a hurry, and didn’t have the lay of the land—transport-wise. Bus from there to Tlachichuca (and back to DF) was cheap and quite nice. It was nice to actually be in the culture for a minute, instead of always being the rushing tourist. I read something about the mandatory insurance for car rentals being expensive, so I didn’t dig deeper. That said, there were a few parties (even twosomes) of climbers who did rent, so it can’t be that bad. I really don’t know...
  8. Mexico or Ecuador climbing

    Seems pretty common to drive to Tlachichuca in a rental, then arrange higher transport through Servimont. They shuttle up and down all the time. It’s also a convenient place to get fuel.
  9. Mexico or Ecuador climbing

    We stayed at Servimont one night on each end of the Orizaba trip, arranged for transport to Piedra Grande, and bought water and fuel. It’s a simple climb, just a fun slog at elevation. I would save your money and not hire a guide. It was just my girlfriend and I travelling and we had no issues. I speak semi-decent Spanish, but lots of folks pull it off with zero Español. We only had seven days, and only climbed Orizaba—with a stopover to hike La Malinche for acclimatization. So no info on the other volcanoes. It was a great trip, and totally doable with a short window.
  10. Mexico or Ecuador climbing

    Agree. Mexican bus travel is pretty easy and safe (and nice!). Cheap too. If you go for Orizaba, check out Dr. Reyes’ services in Tlachichuca. Totally customizable and affordable. http://www.servimont.com.mx/en/
  11. Mt Hood

    Here’s a pic from a sun break on the Palmer webcam today. After the long storm it looks well covered up there. Probably no open bergshrund concerns. With the sun breaks and some more freeze thaw, hopefully the snow will be well consolidated. Sunday’s weather forecast and the lower freezing level look lovely for climbing. A second tool is recommended for beginners, or for the surprise icy section. Have fun!
  12. for sale Price Drop! La Sportiva G2 SM—New! size 44.0

    Yes they are! I’m in Portland and have a pretty open schedule if you want to meet up to check them out.
  13. for sale Price Drop! La Sportiva G2 SM—New! size 44.0

    Bumping. Price shrinks again. $525
  14. Climbing Membership for Sale in Portland, OR

    Are PRG memberships transferable?
  15. for sale Price Drop! La Sportiva G2 SM—New! size 44.0

    Brand spanking new, cradled in their box. Dropping the price to $600.
  16. Eliot Glacier Ice

    The gate was closed when I went up to check things out today. Weird, as the upper road is clearly drivable. Bit of a bummer, as we had a mandatory later start time and the extra hiking killed our chance to put tool to ice. Ah well, still a lovely hike, and it was nice to be up there in the white stuff again.
  17. Mt Washington South East Ridge

    Oregon High by Jeff Thomas might be your best bet for a route description.
  18. Found an ice screw Thursday September 27th at the base of the ice climb. Give me a description and I’ll get it back to you.
  19. A lonely draw, found Sunday September 16, high on Chalk Wave. Text me with a description and I’ll get it back to you. 503-867-6139
  20. Recent intel on Sisters Marathon?

    I hiked the North Ridge of SS on August 25th from Green Lakes TH in prep for my own shot at the marathon. Hoping to get it done soon. The route is pretty straightforward and follows the ridge crest directly. After NS, you’ll find it mellow. There is a convenient hand line when the ridge gets steep. The loop of sun-bleached webbing that anchors the rope is definitely in need of replacement/reinforcement. I’d try to avoid yanking on it too much. The rope is quite handy for routefinding if nothing else. Good mountain karma awaits the scree-wallower who gives the anchor some love. Have fun and let us know how it goes!
  21. Fantastically light double boots. So sweet. I wish my feet had fit them. Never worn, only tried on indoors. $675 email or text nolanearson@gmail.com 503-867-6139
  22. Lose an axe recently? Maybe two? Give me a description and we’ll get you reunited. Text 503-867-6139