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  1. [TR] Mt Hood - Cathedral Ridge 04/18/2021

    Agreed on all accounts! Thanks for putting up the conditional beta a few weeks prior, that was nice/lucky to read before heading out! It was also cool to see a few remnants of your bootpack up super high on the ridge. As for those crampons, yeah.... I still don’t know how I feel about them after using them for a couple years. It’s a love hate relationship.
  2. Trip: Mt Hood - Cathedral Ridge Trip Date: 04/18/2021 Trip Report: Finally got a nice window to shoot for this route on 04/18/2021, just as cool as I anticipated! Good icy conditions, more "climbing" than expected. Nice campsite at 8050'. Full trip report and lots of route info: http://gethighonaltitude.com/2021/04/22/mt-hood-cathedral-ridge/ Gear Notes: 2x short screws, 2x pickets, a few slings Approach Notes: Timberline to Illumination to Yocum to Sandy
  3. Oh that's interesting and unexpected. I think we'll give it a shot next time we are up there as well haha
  4. Trip: Mt Hood - Devil's Kitchen Headwall (4/2/21) DKH Trip Date: 04/02/2021 Trip Report: Climbed on 4/2/21, very solid climbing conditions. Not "super fat", but still very possible to get good sticks and place screws and protect without any rock gear or pins. Full trip report: http://gethighonaltitude.com/2021/04/03/mt-hood-the-devils-kitchen-headwall/ Gear Notes: Screws, pickets Approach Notes: South side, you know what to do
  5. [TR] Mt Hood - Cathedral Ridge 04/03/2021

    Awesome! Thanks for the beta, looking to get out there too
  6. free gone!

  7. free Gone!

  8. Originally purchased to check sizing for my wife and couldn't return them. Arcteryx Procline Carbon AR boots in sizes 23.5 and 24.5. They are still totally new, still in the box with tags. This is by far the lowest price I could find on the internet, I don't want these in my closet anymore!! $370 - Pickup in Seattle 98101 +$20 - shipped anywhere in the USA
  9. sold! thanks!

  10. Trip: Eldorado Peak - North Ridge Trip Date: 09/07/2020 Trip Report: Climbed one of the lesser trafficked routed on Eldorado Peak with Will Gordon. Very nice climbing and managed to get in and out before the smoke For those who care: gethighonaltitude.com/2020/09/07/eldorado-north-ridge/ Gear Notes: Standard alpine rack Approach Notes: Camped at 7400' camp
  11. [TR] Mount Challenger - Standard Route 07/25/2020

    Sounds like an amazing adventure!
  12. For sale, all in very good condition: 2x Petzl Reactik+ (Orange) - $65 1x Petzl Nao (White, previous gen) - $90 2x extra Petzl Reactik/+ batteries - $25 ($15 if you buy a headlamp) 1x Petzl Reactik/+ AAA battery pack - $0 if you buy a headlamp 1x extra Petzl Nao battery - $40 ($30 if you buy a headlamp) Tried to make sure these are the lowest prices on the internet. $5 for shipping, free pickup in Seattle.