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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am planning a climb up Mt. Hood via the Wy'East route. My fiance and I have climbed several mountains in the PNW, most notably we have made several attempts up Mt. Adams, climbed St. Helens a few times, and South Sister as well. The technical requirements have been minimal, requiring only helmets, ice axes, and crampons. So, I am looking at Wy'East as a route to progress our skills. In a nutshell, I am looking for advice from folks as to what gear is required and what level of expertise is required for the "easiest" variation (cross white glacier and follow ridgeline up to summit) I have read many reports and it seems that depending on which variation you decide, Wy'East can be more technical requiring ice climbing or less technical requiring only glacier travel across White Glacier and then 2 steep pitches (50-60 degrees) requiring a simple snow anchor set-up. I am thinking this route may be too advanced and I might be better off looking for a mentor/climbing partner to take us up rather than learn the required skills on my own. But, any information you can give would help inform my decision. Thanks!
  2. So, 30+ year east coast solo backpacker who does more off trail than anything. Mostly I am out late winter. Im weird like that. Won't catch me on trail in summer. Im 42 and work out like a madman. My pack weight for a late winter multi week solo is around 80lbs. (I dont do resupply points) Im not a ul guy(I own 3 Hilleberg tents, heavy durable comfy pack, blah blah blah.) I use my gear and dont baby it. Have done some climbing years back but lets face it the east doesnt have much to prep for Rainier. Ive been on crampons. I own 2 pair(AirTech Steel semis and g20s for gnarlier stuff/full auto)but am taking this as a learning experience as well. Im a sponge when it comes to outdoor related stuff. So I consider myself a noob and always have because no matter your skill set you are always learning something new. I have a ton of gear and years of knowledge on how to use it(was a gear tester.) Wife tells me the mancave looks like a REI lol. I am going to take a stab at Rainier with RMI(5 day in summer of 2020.) Waiting for schedule to drop in September so I can pay them. Im not foolish enough to think I could take this endeavor on my own and dont feel my knowledge level is solid enough to try and jump on a rope team. Not fair to others. I have also on a few occasions made the choice to bail on a trip so I would have no problem making that decision if it comes to it. Im not above that. Its not about the summit for me. Granted I would like to make summit but a lot of whether or not I do is out of my hands. Any suggestions or advice? Most likely staying in Ashford. I could get into the littney of gear I am using but wont pollute this post with all of that unless asked. I guess just any gen info on the DC route from those who have done it. Gonna book for late July to early to mid August. Thanks in advance. Keep on keeping on folks. ***originally posted in climbers section, Im new and clueless so dont yell at me lol***
  3. So, after picking the bean I have decided I want to get the most I can out of my trip to Rainier from a learning perspective for the time I have to do it. I've decided to deep6 the basic 5 day route thru RMI and instead am going with either their Kautz or Emmons seminar. So, here is my question. Of these 2 routes what would be your choice and why? (Doesnt have to be one is easier than the other) This fatboy can motor. I believe I will get more from the whole thing by opting for one of these 2 choices. They have a Muir option as well but I know this is the most travelled and most likely to run into a jam(especially late July/early August) so leaning towards the other 2 routes. Also a goal down the road is Denali so... Im also a tent kinda dude. Thanks in advance.
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