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  1. Jeff Park - Lionshead Fire

    Went up there on September 2nd, when the fire was still small. Here it is from the red saddle.
  2. [TR] Johannesburg - 1957 NE Rib 08/01/2020

    Hey @geosean you're probably part of the pair that passed us on the slab left of the waterfalls? I was pretty proud of my equalized bush anchor but then felt like a dumbass when you easily placed a #1 right at our feet. Did you actually bivy at the summit? Doesn't seem like a ton of space up there. We left bail biners on some of the anchors. @Nolan E Arson was eager to get rid of his neutrinos. I should say that I found the descent beta confusing and that there are rap anchors everywhere up there. Close to the col we started rapping skier's right of the main anchors and did some kind of weird traverse to get back to them.
  3. Mt Hood

    I didn't climb the Spur but I can share this photo from last weekend (the 18th):
  4. Has anyone been up North Sister recently? I assume the traverse is still snowy? I'm trying to assess the feasibility of crossing it in running shoes and microspikes this coming weekend (as part of a 3 sisters marathon). Are there nice steps kicked all the way across? Is there a navigable moat along the upper edge? Thanks for any info!