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  1. Liberty Ridge -- best timing

    Hello CC community, We are a party of three planning to attempt Liberty Ridge on Rainier this summer season. I am looking for wise input on the best timing, that is when during the summer season of this year, to make the attempt. A forecaster told me that the snowpack around Rainier is running 150-175% of average as of now. We had been thinking about early July as weather generally seem more stable around then. But the more trip reports I read of successful Liberty Ridge ascents the more it seem to me like the Carbon glacier often is in pretty poor shape by June time already. If anyone with experience of the Carbon glacier would be willing to share their thought that'd be really appreciated. All and any input that could help us determine the best time to go is most welcome. Thanks! Emanuel
  2. Hotlum-Bolam Ridge on Shasta

    @bargainhunter Thanks so much for the input, really appreciate it. Ill make sure to post a trip report when we return from Shasta. Thanks !
  3. Hotlum-Bolam Ridge on Shasta

    Hey @ACosta , really appreciate your beta on this. Must've been great to climb it early season, and I can't wait to go! Both on your description and other stuff I read abt the route seem to indicate that the shrund can be navigated around to gain the ridge w/o to much risk. Do you think a bunch of creavsses will be exposed in later April? Did you guys descend the same way? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hotlum-Bolam Ridge on Shasta

    Hi there Cascade climbers, I'm a beginner mountaineer and alpine climber from California. Me and my partner are considering attempting the Hotlum-Bolam Ridge route on Shasta, in about a month, 3rd week of April. Any advice would be much appreciated. Is it too early in the season to ascend the North aspect? It'll be our first attempt on Shasta and out first climb in the cascades. I know, the answer is we rookies should cut our teeth on avalanche gulch or one of the more popular routes first to experience a glaciated volcano. Yet, we have trained and are training quite extensively in the Sierra and southern CA peaks, and plan to be up to speed with most concerns on a mountain like Shasta, albeit proper glacier experience is one thing we don't have due to the lack of of them here in California. We have experience climbing and leading AI 2-3 and WI 2, 3 and 4, and are able to do 12K' gain (out of which 5K' sustained snow and ice climbing) in one long day. So we believe we could climb the ridge and come back in one push if needed, but are also very open to the idea of bivying on the ridge, carrying more and going slower. Any suggestions? Any and all advice from experienced PNW climbers is much appreciated. Thank you, Emanuel