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  1. Nice work, guys! Looks like a fun line with some interesting and creative climbing! It sucks that that single malevolent rock took a run at you. Glad your, ahem, spidey sense tingled in time to duck!
  2. @zaworotiuk@kadyakerboband I climbed it a couple years ago. Cool line, steep, with a big fun move up the rime step. But, as is usually the case, the exposed rock section at the base made for somewhat sketchy climbing. Here’s the report (I hope)
  3. Nice. I totally agree about the quality of the route. So many weird rime formations to wander through, and so much fun and low-stress ice to play on. (Just enough heads-up “work” on the snicey traverses to make the rime tower maze all the more chill.) It is a lovely route to go off by yourself and clear your head.
  4. CC is looking quite dapper! This site is a rare gem. Endless depths of stoke, comedy, beta, incredible (and otherwise unpublished) photography, world class TR’s; there is so much of value here. To me and my partners and friends, this is the place where so much of the historical record of the last two decades of regional climbing lives—and in the glory of its full context: flames, bruises, smart-assery, warts and all. Sincere thanks to all involved for the hard work you do to make and keep this place. Fuck the socials. Long live CC!
  5. Fantastic! What a sweet line! Strong work, gentlemen. I love how rich and varied the climbing is on Mount Hood. There is so much to do up there! The crux photo is gnarly! Looks both exhilarating and terrifying. Get that pic into Alpinist asap!
  6. Nice work and a great read! Sounds like you guys had so much “fun.” Never heard the term “soft epic” before—love it. I confess that it took me more trips than it should have to stop having those.
  7. Voted. Will keep voting. Thanks PMR for all you do.
  8. I’m having trouble with the link. Is it just me (and/or my mobile device)?
  9. Haha, that Right Gully really ties the mountain together.
  10. For EHW, here’s a shot of @ktarry heading out on our third pitch (of four). The exit chimney is visible above. This is also the exit taken by others (notably @ACosta and @bedellympian) in recent CC reports.
  11. Hilarity always ensues when you surprise the crowds on top. @The Real Nick Sweeneypulling over with an audience: And @ktarry breaking trail on the direct cornice move:
  12. Great day out! Big fun exploring the mountain in perfect conditions with fantastic company. Thanks @zaworotiuk for yet another day of both mountain fun and mountain “fun”. Really great to meet you again, @The Real Nick Sweeney! And what a cool way to finally meet you, @ktarry! Big thanks for the bonus round on the Eliot HW.
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