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  1. [TR] Mt Hood - Elliot Cirque, Variation 05/02/2021

    Fantastic! What a sweet line! Strong work, gentlemen. I love how rich and varied the climbing is on Mount Hood. There is so much to do up there! The crux photo is gnarly! Looks both exhilarating and terrifying. Get that pic into Alpinist asap!
  2. Nice work and a great read! Sounds like you guys had so much “fun.” Never heard the term “soft epic” before—love it. I confess that it took me more trips than it should have to stop having those.
  3. Portland Mountain Rescue- NEEDS HELP!!

    Voted. Will keep voting. Thanks PMR for all you do.
  4. Portland Mountain Rescue- NEEDS HELP!!

    I’m having trouble with the link. Is it just me (and/or my mobile device)?
  5. [TR] Mt Hood - Cathedral Ramp - FA 04/17/2021

    Haha, that Right Gully really ties the mountain together.
  6. [TR] Mt Hood - Cathedral Ramp - FA 04/17/2021

    For EHW, here’s a shot of @ktarry heading out on our third pitch (of four). The exit chimney is visible above. This is also the exit taken by others (notably @ACosta and @bedellympian) in recent CC reports.
  7. [TR] Mt Hood - Cathedral Ramp - FA 04/17/2021

    Hilarity always ensues when you surprise the crowds on top. @The Real Nick Sweeneypulling over with an audience: And @ktarry breaking trail on the direct cornice move:
  8. [TR] Mt Hood - Cathedral Ramp - FA 04/17/2021

    Great day out! Big fun exploring the mountain in perfect conditions with fantastic company. Thanks @zaworotiuk for yet another day of both mountain fun and mountain “fun”. Really great to meet you again, @The Real Nick Sweeney! And what a cool way to finally meet you, @ktarry! Big thanks for the bonus round on the Eliot HW.
  9. [TR] Wyeast (Mt. Hood) - Linkup 04/11/2021

    Awesome! Incredible work.
  10. [TR] Mt Hood - Cathedral Ridge 04/03/2021

    Strong work! What a great solo day out on the lonely side of the mountain. And it sounds like the conditions were keeping you on your toes. Thanks for the great info—you’ve got me psyched to go explore this route.
  11. Nice work! I enjoyed your trip report. Haha, caveat emptor to those who follow the steps of @zaworotiuk! I’m going to try your tool/picket combo the next time I find myself doing battle with the steep sugar snow.
  12. [TR] Mt Hood - DKH- Elliot HW linkup 04/03/2021

    Very nice! Great shots as well. Way to get creative and get the twofer. I’m with you, the alpine cragging possibilities on Hood are fantastic. (I think we were synced up on most of the approach to the DKH. Dropping back into the crater I tried to get a shot of you in the route, but my shitty old iphone gave me a blur.) Also, I was booting Saturday so my own walk of shame went all the way back to the car, haha.
  13. [TR] Mt Hood - Black Spider - Center Drip 03/17/2021

    Slightly wider shot, worse lighting—probably not super helpful:
  14. [TR] Mt Hood - Black Spider - Center Drip 03/17/2021

    Glad we could get this done, @zaworotiuk! Thanks for writing up another TR of our climbs. And thanks, @wayne for all of your pioneering. What a fantastic route in an intimidating setting; it felt bigger than Mount Hood. Haha, maybe 10, but you do all the trip report heavy-lifting, so I think we’re even! I agree that although the climbing was never that hard, the generally thin conditions we went up in often made for tricky tool placements. But the moves never felt desperate, just very engaging. And the exposed rocks were consistently “unhelpful.” All part of the fun—like the streams of spindrift that would flow down, get caught in the wind, then blast back uphill and into your hood and face. A novel experience!
  15. Nice work! It was cool to run into you yesterday on the way back down to the Palmer. I feel your pain on the Wy’East ridge traverse. It’s spectacularly beautiful up there, but it seems like it’s always a longer and deeper slog than it looks to get to the gendarme——a slog punctuated with the occasional adrenaline surge as hollow snow over a steam vent collapses and you take a mini ride.