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  1. Portland Mountain Rescue- NEEDS HELP!!

    Thanks so much climbers! Every vote counts. We decided we would offer "one free rescue" for every vote.....our local joke since we do all of our work for free and based on donations only. We really appreciate your support in getting the word out there. Crossing our fingers and hope we win! pearce with PMR
  2. Portland Mountain Rescue- NEEDS HELP!!

    edited link with other working link! thanks Nolan- https://www.landroverusa.com/experiences/events-and-sponsorships/defender-service-awards/vote/search-and-rescue.html
  3. Howdy climbers, Portland Mountain Rescue works as climbers serving climbers. We love what we do and we love the alpine climbing community! Several months ago, PMR set our flagship SAR vehicle out to greener pastures. Consequently, this left us with only one vehicle in our garage to perform our mission. As recreation continues to expand across the region, it is important that we can maintain the mobility and capability to respond to missions in a reliable manner. In impeccable timing, Land Rover reached out to SAR organizations across the country to promote a contest called the Defender Above and Beyond Service Award, which awards a SAR team a Land Rover Defender in an effort to expand their capability as a team and perform their lifesaving missions. We are absolutely honored to be a finalist, amongst some other amazing teams in this contest, and are calling upon our community to support us in this fantastic opportunity to replace our flagship vehicle. The link directs you to the contest website, where you can vote for your nominee of choice on daily basis until May 3rd, 11:59pm ET. We humbly ask for your support and votes. Regardless of the winner, we at PMR recognize and sincerely appreciate the contribution that Land Rover is doing for the community through this program. Helping to save lives, no matter the location is all that matters. https://www.landroverusa.com/experiences/events-and-sponsorships/defender-service-awards/vote/search-and-rescue.html Vote daily and check us out on facebook/ instagram. Thanks for your support. Climb hard, climb safe, Pearce with PMR
  4. I'm super stoked about this show. Can't wait to party with PMR
  5. Hi there, I'm looking to climb Prusik Peak with my climbing partner. We applied in the lottery system but did not get permits. We are hoping to climb anytime between June 22-June 25 2016. If anyone has a permit for sale or can add people to their permit, please contact me by cell /text (971 9nine8 23four7) or send me a PM Thanks, Pearce