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  1. My take on intermittent fasting as a climber..

    I can also vouch for intermittent fasting. I've been using to help control my crohn's symptoms and it's definitely helped! Maybe I'll even get to climb this fall.
  2. This looks like a great outing! Way to get after it.
  3. 7Fj/Maude, Gothic basin, or ?

    She is just having issues of super tension in her iluopsoas muscles. Thus, any sustained pressure on her back or abdomen outs her in pain. We finally found a backpack that works for her. She has been hiking with as much weight as she will be for camping. Just did dragontail in a car to car with no issue, so I think she's ready to try an overnighter. I'm thinking stuff that would have us camping for a night at first, then move on to a two day trip. Thank you!
  4. Off for summer. Want to get into the north cascades as my wife has been sick a heck for the last two years, so she still hasn't really experienced anything there yet! She is just learning glacier travel, so we have to stick to non-glaciated routes. She can't carry much in her backpack due to her illness, so we also are probably only limited to scrambles unless the rack is rather small. Right now I'm thinking we should go do seven finger Jack and mount Maude. Would gothic basin be a fun as it looks for some peak bagging given our limitations? Really just looking to camp high-ish and get some awesome views and enjoy being in the mountains. Any recommendations for trips that fit this criteria (no glacier travel, scramble, good camping, not too insanely crowded)? Also open to ideas for other areas! I've been obsessively looking at trip reports and guide books for ages now, but I figured his community would have some great ideas. Thanks.
  5. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 03/31/2018

    What a fun day in the mountains! I'm so thankful I didn't have to lead those runnels.
  6. for sale Book Sale

    Dang. I'll take all the sole ones if dude ahead of me bails!
  7. Shit weather

    Weather isn't gonna cooperate, so beer will be drank instead!
  8. Doesn’t matter if it’s not in the best shape. Thanks, anthony
  9. [TR] Coleman Pinnacle - West Ridge 02/10/2018

    That's been my plan. The mountains seem to be a decent replacement when vitamin d is unavailable.
  10. [TR] Coleman Pinnacle - West Ridge 02/10/2018

    As always, great trip report! If I'm not mistaken, we're too far north to get an ample amount of Vitamin D until late March or April though.
  11. [TR] Chair Pk - NW Ridge 02/11/2018

    Was there Saturday but somehow forgot my sunglasses like an idiot... Glad people were getting the goods!
  12. New website and blog!

    Great site. Love the packing light and packing right posts.
  13. Wet

    Lookin good! We had a great 55+ degree day with the pups at Ancient Lakes! I still cannot believe how much beautiful rock there is.