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    Please delete
  2. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Was up near lake stuart and also found very bony/dry conditions.
  3. A friend ran the enchantment traverse yesterday. Here are the conditions he found by colchuck lake
  4. Gonna try and give it a go next week. Looks good! Lots of frozen water along the trail today. Very obvious signs of nice freeze/thaw cycles. Didn’t get a great view of dragontail, but it looks like it’s shaping up nice! The early season snow follow by freeze/thaw seems like it might be making some magic.
  5. Mid week climb

    Glacier Peak! Let's do it. I'm dropping you a PM.
  6. Suggestions on where to live

    For Wenatchee and Leavenworth: do you have the money to buy a house when you move here? If so, you'll probably just have to wait until the right house comes on the market. Inventory is crazy low. If you're planning on renting, just know that the rental market in Wenatchee/Leavenworth has incredibly low inventory, as well, and everything is pretty expensive (for not being a metropolitan area), especially if you have dogs. If you can swing it, it's a great place to live with no shortage of learning opportunities.
  7. My wife will be away, so I'm looking for a partner for some mountain activities. Probably just some scrambling. I'm comfortable with steep snow. I'll lead 5.6/ai2/3. If you want to climb something harder, I'll gladly follow. Also considering skiing Adams or something of that nature. Drop me a line if you're also looking for a partner for next weekend.
  8. [TR] Lincoln Peak - X Couloir 05/05/2019

    Same. Let me know if ya need a partner.
  9. wanted to buy cilogear SMALL 40B worksac

    I have two CCW packs, one valdez and one chaos. My wife has one chaos. All three are bomber and light. Cannot recommend them enough. The chaos packs down so well. I've also hauled them up granite faces numerous times with no issues or tears. And Randy is the man. Super quick turn around.
  10. Hoping someone might want to climb Casaval ridge with me if avalanche conditions are good. Also considering Mt. Hood. I haven't climbed either. Please have avalanche gear.
  11. Well, I think my 25 year old north face bag is finally on its last leg. Looking for something suitable for spring, summer, and fall in the cascades. I generally run kinda warm and don't mind sleeping in a jacket and what not. That being said, I'd be bummed to spend 4-500 on a sleeping bag and find out there was a better option. Thus far, I've been looking at the Feathered Friends Merlin UL 30, western mountaineering Summerlite, and the Nunatuk quilts, but I'm wondering if I want something that is rated to 20 degrees. I'm also considering the FF Vireo because there is a lightly used one available, but I'm worried it's not enough for spring and fall. What are y'all using or what do you recommend? I also get 50% off of any Eddie Bauer product, but there isn't any sleeping bag that seems like the right fit in their lineup. Thanks, Anthony
  12. question Dry treated ropes?

    Multipitch near the road where you plan to take falls or multipitch in the alpine that you aren't planning to take many falls on?
  13. My take on intermittent fasting as a climber..

    I can also vouch for intermittent fasting. I've been using to help control my crohn's symptoms and it's definitely helped! Maybe I'll even get to climb this fall.