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  1. Great TR. your posts are always inspiring! The Goode glacier is such a cool fucking place. Heck, the whole of that area is a cool place. We had the same exact situation in the descent. No water and blisteringly hot temps made for nausea and general heat exhaustion.
  2. Where are ya located?
  3. Anyone wanna do this next decent weather window? The colors are probably awesome
  4. Great job!!! That burn zone was some of the worst travel I’ve encountered in the cascades.
  5. The views from trappers peak are soooooo good. Nice work, y’all!!
  6. Sounds brutal. Nice work, y’all! @Alisseis wonderful to travel in the mountains with.
  7. AnthonyL


    Please delete
  8. Was up near lake stuart and also found very bony/dry conditions.
  9. A friend ran the enchantment traverse yesterday. Here are the conditions he found by colchuck lake
  10. Gonna try and give it a go next week. Looks good! Lots of frozen water along the trail today. Very obvious signs of nice freeze/thaw cycles. Didn’t get a great view of dragontail, but it looks like it’s shaping up nice! The early season snow follow by freeze/thaw seems like it might be making some magic.
  11. Glacier Peak! Let's do it. I'm dropping you a PM.
  12. For Wenatchee and Leavenworth: do you have the money to buy a house when you move here? If so, you'll probably just have to wait until the right house comes on the market. Inventory is crazy low. If you're planning on renting, just know that the rental market in Wenatchee/Leavenworth has incredibly low inventory, as well, and everything is pretty expensive (for not being a metropolitan area), especially if you have dogs. If you can swing it, it's a great place to live with no shortage of learning opportunities.
  13. My wife will be away, so I'm looking for a partner for some mountain activities. Probably just some scrambling. I'm comfortable with steep snow. I'll lead 5.6/ai2/3. If you want to climb something harder, I'll gladly follow. Also considering skiing Adams or something of that nature. Drop me a line if you're also looking for a partner for next weekend.
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