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  1. Found a handsome rack at Surf City along Icicle Creek at Leavenworth. DM with details to claim, I hope to find the owner.
  2. A story that keeps on giving and a formative adventure no doubt!
  3. review Footwear in the Cascades

    Sweet article! For a while I would try getting gear, shoes included, that I thought could be more well rounded so that I'd end up buying less gear. I would now agree with you that a shoe is good at one thing or nothing at all. Maybe thats a bit absolute as the lines can be blurred but there is definitely truth to it. Theres a good reason to have specialized equipment! I was happy to see the bit about using the Dart crampon front section with other Petzl dyneema crampons. I've got the Irvis which I'm sure would climb ice just fine but having vertical points would be preferred.
  4. Looking for a pair of either or both Petzl Irvis Hybrid and Lynx crampons. Need something to fit my Maestrale touring boots. Thanks!
  5. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    @Steve Roberts A partner and I were up there on Sunday the 8th. Conditions seemed pretty good. Snow from the day and night before was a bit loose on the top of the snowpack but offered good purchase with some solid kicks. The ice climbed well but there are areas of deterioration. More parties ahead than expected, so the path was maybe too obvious. At any rate, it went!
  6. Yesterday (Sunday Aug 18th) I left my BD Distance Z trekking poles at the Blue Lake TH at WA Pass early afternoon. If anyone came across them please let me know, I'd be thrilled to get them back. Thanks!