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  1. Climbed the East Triad last week and found an old Blackberry phone right on the summit in a leather case- happy to return it to the owner!
  2. Hey gang, Selling my beloved InReach- the Explorer is pretty awesome, as you can compose messages easily w/o your smart phone, and the battery life is very good- can leave on and send/receive messages for several days on a charge. Very good condition; newest version with bomber, covered SOS switch. HMU
  3. Lightly used Alpine Touring ski boots, size 27.5 310mm sole ankle problem requires me to use different boots =*( $390 In Bellingham, but willing to drive a bit for try-on, or ship
  4. Hi Gang- FOR SALE: Petzl Dartwin ice crampons- used once or twice- paint barely removed on working surfaces. $150 Grivel 360 steel ice screws- gently used, well-maintained. 3 mediums (16cm), 2 shorts (12 cm). $45/ea or $200 for all 5 I'm in Bellingham, willing to travel reasonable distance to hand off, or ship immediately (your expense) Cheers, Jim
  5. All gear in very good condition! I'm in Bellingham, but go down to Seattle and up to the Baker ski area regularly. <SOLD> BD Factor MX ski boots size 28.5 (327mm sole length) $175 <SOLD> G3 Ion 12 touring bindings $290 <SOLD> G3 alpinist ascension skins 100mm wide/ Med length(168-184cm) $85 Camp Corsa Nanotech Light ice axe (good for the climb up, light on your back on the ride down!) $90 <SOLD> BCA Tracker avalanche beacon $150 <SOLD> BCA 35cm snow saw- light, good for digging pits and shelters, $15
  6. Looking for alpine climbing partners for the Golden and Canmore areas. Also open to easy ski touring! I'm coming from Bellingham. Cheers, Jim
  7. Here's a link to the pictures in my mountain project thread! (There are 2): http://www.mountainproject.com/v/fs-koflach-arctis-expe-435-patagonia-ascensionist-40l-pack-scarpasportiva-approach-shoes/111345847 http://www.mountainproject.com/v/fs-80m-ropefootwearharnessintuition-linerscramponsjackets/111291304 Also adding a few items to original post (DAS parka, Patagonia Gore-tex shell)
  8. My feet seemed to have grown a solid half-size this summer, so I have to replace most of my footwear . Also selling some gear to raise xmas $ ! I'm in the Bellingham area if you want to check stuff out. I'll get some pictures up soon. Patagonia DAS Parka, size L, black very good condition! $125 Intuition Denali foam liners- aftermarket thermo-moldable inner boots for plastic double boots- very warm and light, only molded once (can be molded at least 3 times). My plastic shells shit the bed recently and I got some Spantiks, so no use for these now. Lightly used. $55 La Sportiva Boulder X Mid GTX approach boot, size 43.5 - 2015 model/color, great shape, just too small for me. $90 SCARPA Crux approach shoe, size 43, 2014 model/color, good shape, again too small... $60 Koflach Arctis Expe plastic boots sz 43.5, very good condition, $225 La Sportiva TC Pro rock shoes, recently re-soled, sz 42.5. I just scrubbed these shoes out completely and they do not smell whatsoever. $85 SCARPA Instinct S rock slippers. Great bouldering/sport shoe- recent resole. $75 BD Contact glacier/snow crampons- light, simple, stainless steel crampon, bought this spring and only used on snow, so very good condition! $85 Petzl Volta climbing rope- 80m, 9.2mm, Orange. Unopened in original bag. $195 Petzl Sama harness- 2015 model (orange), sz M, very good condition $45 Petzl Sama Harness- 2013 model (red), sz M, very good condition (barely visible wear on tie-in points, belay loop) $30 Patagonia Ascensionist Pack (large) 45L gray. I have the 20L version as well- awesome awesome pack, no holes, clean. I need something a little bigger, hence the sale. $90 (not sure about shipping- frame won't fit in smaller box, so could be a bit expensive)
  9. Selling a pair of 2013-14 La Sportiva Spitfire ski boots, mondo size 27.5. Spitfires are lightweight, 2-buckle boots, similar to the Dynafit TLT series (TLT5 & TLT6). Carbon cuff, Grilamid lower, 60 degree cuff rotation, etc. Worth noting - these boots are compatible only with tech bindings (i.e., Dynafit, Plum, etc). FYI I am about a US 11 street shoe size- they are a tad too small for me =/ These boots have two ski days on them. One was a long day on Mt. Washington last spring, and the soles do show some wear from rock-hopping. Other than that, there are very few scuffs, etc. See photos.
  10. We're arriving into Salt Lake very late on a Friday, then driving over to Big Sandy early the next morning- do any of you have any beta as far as good towns to stop in for food/stove fuel on the way? Pinedale (slightly out of the way I think) and Laramie (quite a bit out of the way...) are two options I know of- any others? Thanks so much in advance!
  11. Can anyone recommend a good climbing guidebook and topo maps for the Cordillera Blanca in Peru? I have seen some of the 3a/3b/3c series maps (like, Swiss or something) but they are $20 each out of the map shop in Seattle- I'm hoping they might be cheaper or have local equivalents when I get down to Huaraz... Has anyone experience with the new regulations involving mandatory local guides for climbers in Parque Nacional Huascaran and elsewhere in the Blanca? Thanks for any info/recommendations! --Jim
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