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  1. Back in 2009 this approach would usually take 4.5 hrs but with all the spandex and featherweight first aid kits available these days folks are getting it done much quicker.
  2. Grizzlies in the North Cascades?

    The "migration corridor isn't all that blocked"...huh? This statement sounds about as scientifically accurate as something my father would say when discussing climate change. Don't worry...chances are you're old enough that you'll be long dead before there's a significant enough population of Grizz up there that you'll have to worry about getting "torn to shreds". BTW...Grizz kill a fraction of the humans that black bears take out every year but keep on believing and spreading this nonsense that black bears are cute, docile and totally afraid of humans while Grizz are blood thirsty killers. Most people will believe you when you spread that lie because they don't know a damn thing about bears they didn't learn from cartoons, advertising or movies. Response to this thread is pretty disappointing. I figured more of you would be for restoring a vibrant population of one of the largest and most impressive N American mammals to part of it's historic range. I guess we see now why they were poisoned, trapped, hunted and harassed nearly to extinction and no one gave a shit about them until it was too late. It's a lot easier to act as if they have no right to be there because it might impact where you can park your car and enjoy a well manicured hike in the woods. NIMBY!
  3. Lots of hikers

    Well, that's not what I was implying but the idea might work. You first.
  4. Lots of hikers

    Spreading people out to relieve trail congestion will only work in the short term. From what I can tell is seems that adding easier access does not equal trail maintenance. Rather it appears to mean adding huge parking lots, garbage cans, cars, more horses, fee boxes, dog shit and tons of clueless people who've never heard of LNT. Better to just keep that crowd on the land they've already discovered because they're going to wreck it wherever they go. Eventually we'll run out of places to disperse them to. Then what? Yes, It's way past time for the big gear makers and the giant corps that have made billions off the surge of new outdoor enthusiasts get in on the conservation, preservation and restoration act in a way that is more than just fodder for their monthly marketing campaigns. I'm not aware of anyone in the industry that's pushing something similar to Dingell/Johnson or Pittman/Robertson. If you want to affect change you'd be much better served by lobbying the corps that lobby congress. If you can get people to stop giving their money to the multi billion dollar companies that pay off our legislatures you might get someone to pay attention. Good luck with that.
  5. Grizzlies in the North Cascades?

    Do you have a link to the EIS? All Google is finding for me is dead links.
  6. Grizzlies in the North Cascades?

    While I completely agree with the sentiment that it would be great to just let these populations rebound or spread "naturally" the reality is that this will never happen without human intervention. The historical travel corridors that connect currently suitable habitat are gone and will not be returning unless we removed humans from the landscape. It's all about the habitat and the ability of animals to move freely within it. I agree that we need to put more focus on respecting and protecting the land but unless we're going to rip out all the dams, tear up our highways, cease land development and stop putting out forest fires and controlling other "natural" but devastating events, there isn't a snowballs chance in hell that Grizz will repopulate on their own. If people want them back in the N Cascades we're going to have to put them there. We can't manage some parts of the system and then expect the others to function "naturally". I don't think this is at all presumptuous. Rather, It's the reality that having nearly 8 billion people on the planet brings us to. Edit to add : Although not directly related to the issue at hand... Radiolab did an excellent series of podcasts focused on the Galapagos islands and the efforts to "save" the tortoises on Pinta island. Anyone interested in wildlife reintroduction issues might find them interesting and thought provoking. "Resurrection" delves into the issue the most. http://www.radiolab.org/story/galapagos/
  7. Grizzlies in the North Cascades?

    I wish I still aid climbed Ivan. Despite the fact that I've given up the habit, I'd love to share a camel at a belay station with you again. Long live the Grizz
  8. Grizzlies in the North Cascades?

    Zinke is a tool of the highest order but even a broken clock is right twice a day. I'm all for restoring Grizz to any of their native range that is reasonable. The amount of apes taking up space in prime habitat is a bit problematic though. Maybe I'll get the chance to hunt Grizz before my days are up! "Cattlemen were incensed, stating they have already faced too much carnage from the return of the wolf to Washington"
  9. Mt Adams for first AT trip

    First week of July is the latest you want to ski it. Typically the glissading crew takes over management of the mountain right around the 4th and the south side routes soon turn into a pock marked mixture of boot tracks and bathtub sized sun cups. Skills honed at the resort will get you down the chutes no problem but that's only a few minutes of your day.Has anyone in your party done any volcano touring? There can be a lot of suffering done on Adams if you're not ready for it. Set your party up for success and try something smaller, earlier in the season and give yourselves plenty of time to futz around with gear and take pictures. If everyone enjoys that, rinse and repeat on something bigger.
  10. Water Filtration: is it necessary?

    I used to debate bringing the filter but given that giardia is an actual thing that we know exists and the selection of small, light and cheap filters available now can reduce the risk to nearly zero, it seems kinda silly for me to leave it at home. Even if the chances of catching beaver fever are infinitesimal. I like that filters remove not just some of the things I can't see but all of things I can as well. Iodine tablets and steripens (or just rolling commando) are fine if you're filling up from clear water but they don't do anything to improve the drinkability of water taken from less than ideal sources like small seasonal ponds or a hastily created mud puddle at the bottom of a snowfield. Just squeeze... https://sawyer.com/products/mini-filter/ 19 bucks, around 2 oz's and can be rigged inline to a bladder, screwed on a playpus or disposable water bottle and filter's as good as, or better than, the pump contraptions that were the norm just a few years ago. Can be used as a gravity filter too if you have the time and need to filter for a group and can be used to drink directly from the source if you're desperate or in a big hurry. I was assuming that it'd wear out quick but the first one I bought 3 years ago is still going strong.
  11. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    How about the rule that classified ads go into the classified ad section? Now if that basic rule had been followed we wouldn't be here crying a river about the meanies, geocities, dick birds and Sam Furley's mom. Obviously, the appropriate response to a new poster making a mistake is to flame the shit out of them. Thanks for keeping CC alive and well. It's also notable that you chose to berate him not only for the product he's trying to sell but you also found it appropriate to blame him for the failings of this piece of shit, outdated site. I can see how you were triggered. So sorry you had to experience this egregious and flagrant violation of the high standards that have been set by the management.
  12. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    I thought the new rules that went into effect a while back were supposed to keep shit like this from happening and drive more traffic to CC? I guess that's not working out the way it was planned eh Oly? Yeah. No one saw that coming. Of course, the site functioning like a geocities project from 1992 and the selective and erratic enforcement of your "rules" might have something to do with why no one gives a shit about CC anymore.
  13. Fatality on Goat Wall...?

    Don't edit your post or delete it. What you said is 100% true and doesn't need to be candy coated. What happened here (according to the article) is pure negligence and easily avoidable. If you're at a shooting range and put a hole in your buddy's head through the negligent handling of a firearm you can, and often will be, charged with murder. I fail to see the difference.
  14. Intro to alpine climbing - noobs wanna do Hood?

    Malignant narcissism is all the rage these days.