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  1. A Ridiculous amount of gear. Mountaineering Stuff

    Anybody want to go half on a set of BD Vipers?
  2. WTB - Portland - Beefy Lockers, Petzl RIG or I'D

    I might have a Petzl ID laying about, had a couple NWTs but I haven't seen them since I moved down here. I'll shoot you a PM if I find them.
  3. Looking for partner/mentor in PDX

    Which gym and where in Portland?
  4. Rainier, Liberty Ridge this October

    Very much this. October is a very bad time to be on Liberty Ridge, might want to rethink your plans.
  5. "Everest " the movie

    Seconding this. Meru is amazing. Everest is a money grab.
  6. Mt Hood April

    I could probably make the 18-19 happen. Been up Rainier, Adams, and Shasta for big mountains. Got my Lvl 1 AIARE as well as WFR.
  7. New to the PNW

    Better luck trying the climbing partners section below. Also I would recommend hitting up some climbing gyms close to you and meeting people there. You might be able to find someone to teach you everything, more than likely though you'll find someone at the same level as you and you guys can learn together.
  8. pdx area climbing partners

    Jmk, Sent you a PM.
  9. Portland area climbing partner!

    I wouldn't mind joining up with you guys. Moving down to Portland in Feb and I don't know anyone in the area.
  10. WTB: Split Board

    Actually I have one for sale if your interested. Its a Ride Havoc board, got all the plates and pins for your own bindings. Let me know if you want pictures. Planning on letting it go cheap btw. About to move south and I've got to slim down my belongings.
  11. Olympia Area Partner

    What are you looking for? Plans?
  12. sportsman not buying Weyerhaeuser permits

    To be fair a couple weekends ago my fiance and me went up there after these signs were posted. Obviously going to climb and were bike riding in. Couple trucks passed us and no one stopped. 2 other groups came up with no issues too. Might be more for hunters, and as always YMMV.
  13. FS: Cilogear Worksack

    How much and do you have pictures available?
  14. Free: Mammut Trion Guide pack 45+L

    I'll take it. Sent you a PM
  15. Mount Olympus ONP - Spring / Summer

    Hey Ian, I'd be interested in tagging along. Been awhile since we went up Adams together. I'm in the same boat as you for needing about 3 weeks advance notice, otherwise I'm flexible on dates and pretty much all aspects of this climb.
  16. Mount Rainier, 3 days with night on summit.

    If you're still looking for people I'm in. Since it looks like you'll be coming from out of town I have a decent selection of group gear that we could use.
  17. Denali

    That would make sense, where abouts are you located? As for myself, I'm 26 have experience on a few of the cascade volcanoes including successful summit of Rainier. Know glacier travel and crevasse rescue as well as have my AIARE 1 cert. Lastly I'm active duty military right now but Mar 2015 I'll be getting out so I'll have the time for it as well has have plenty of experience being in close quarters, high stress, and first aid knowledge. Mountaineers program is a good one, thats what I went though.
  18. Denali

    I'd be down to join, 2015 is what works for me. Plenty of time to get money together and I won't have any job commitments at that time.
  19. Looking for climbing partners for Rainier July 1-4

    I'll have to check with work but I'm interested.
  20. Rainier DC route Late June

    If theres still interest in getting a group together I'd like to toss my hat in. I climbed Rainier last year as well has have Adams and a few other summits under my belt. Got my lvl 1 Aiare and all that other fun stuff. I'm free end of June into July. Pretty flexible really. Oh and I've got a fair amount of group gear if needed.
  21. Mt. Rainier in July

  22. Looking for climbing partner

    Olympia area you say?