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  1. Hello hello I volunteer for the institute and I was up there Saturday. No need for crampons or snowshoes. If you have microspikes and are comfortable being on snow then go for it. Since we are getting into the mid-late season on Helens you will mostly be on rock the way up. The glissading tracks were surprisingly good on Saturday with climbers sliding down to about 5300 ft before traversing onto the rocks. Start early, bring water and gatorade, and have fun! Let me know if you have any other questions! instagram: dchromey253
  2. Hello everyone! If the weather is good my buddy and I will be heading out to helens to climb up and beyond. If anyone else is interested let me know! Weather has to be pretty perfect so ill keep an eye on that. Cheers!!
  3. Hello everyone, ill be looking to run down to shasta that weekend. Im going alone right now but if anyone in oregon, cali, or washington wants to join let me know. I plan to do car to car pretty much. Leave early saturday morning to cali get permit from mt. shasta city then park at trailhead start up around 10 pm saturday. climb up and drive back to washington sunday probably running into the wee hours of monday morning. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  4. Hello everyone! climbing season is back on track! Wondering if anyone is heading up the Furher Finger the next couple of weekends? Weather permitting of course! I have plenty of climbing background. Check my trip reports. I do not have skis so thats why everyone hates me;) If you are heading up the ID or DC id love to tag along! I am mobile so i can meet anywhere. I have all the gear. I am planning to do St. Helens next weekend. Let me know if anyone is interested!! Cheers! Darren
  5. Hello! I got permission from mother to go climbing on her special day;) I do not have skis sorry to you all. I have climbed it on mothers day before i think 2013. I know the crowds but I want to climb it again. I miss the climbing. I am well-skilled in St. Helens climbing, check my trip reports of her. Let me know if you need a partner or if i can tag along for the big day!
  6. When the weather gets better ill be hitting this forum up a lot more! my weekends don't look busy and Id like to get as much climbing as i can get. I miss it out there
  7. Hello hello! I am ready to get out there and explore the mountains again! Ive been in college the past couple years so it has been difficult. In 2015 I only attempted Little Tahoma and South Brother in the Olympics and both got around 200 feet from the summit. I have a car now so I am mobile so i can meet anywhere. I have lots of experience with the mountains. You can look at my TRs if you'd like. Helens Id like to get back up to before winter falls over. Then the bigger mountains we can talk about. Im up in Bellingham right now and have all my gear with me so let me know if you need a partner and Id be glad to join! True i am only 23 but i know my gear and mental state. So i would like to have a climbing partner who knows their stuff. gear, crevasse rescue, mental status so we have no issues and teaching when we are climbing. Darren
  8. Hello everyone, ill be coming home from college this summer. I will be working a lot but on my times off i am seeking a climb of the north ridge of adams. If anyone is interested in climbing and bringing along another mountaineer, i would appreciate it a lot! I have no dates set because i do not know my schedule. I have climbed Rainier and Hood and the south side of Adams so i have experience and i know my gear. Thank you so much! Darren If anyone is planning to go up to Rainier too let me know i would not mind tackling Rainier again
  9. looks like the Leuthold couliour on the last photo?
  10. I love this sport no doubt. The past years have been fun grabbing the gear and getting up on that mountain, beating myself up as well. Its been a blast and I'm not done yet with Rainier. I hope to see her in my future
  11. Trip: Mt. Rainier National Park - Disappointment Cleaver-1st time up at 14,410 feet Date: 7/11/2014 Trip Report: I apologize if this is a month later than the exact climb. College prep has taken over my life. Seeing as society has pushed me back into the crowd. My fun and games is about to be over. I assure you I will be back up on the summit. I got a couple years (2-3) to get my geology degree and then be back in the mountains. ill be living up in Bellingham during the summer but i hope to come down south and get some climbing in for a short period of time. I always have Baker to play with. For me going with my friends and summiting Rainier is an accomplishment. I'm sure i would get bashed for going up the DC but hey i wanted to get my toes wet before i jump in. give me your comments of course and opinions but be courteous as you were brought up to be. One thing that always gets me before a climb is the mental part. Will I make it? Am I doing the right thing? My parents and friends..never got to say good bye to them. A girl i am interested in? never got to tell her my feelings. What if? I put in my music and float away to Rainier. Leaving the trailhead around 7:00, my pack is loaded and i feel weak already. i try not to think about it and let the music carry me away. Above Pan Point me and the team shuffle the tent and shovel around to other members of my team. I say thanks but words only go so far. I thanked them again as much as i could. Up the snowfield and onto the Cowlitz Glacier to set up camp. 4 members..2 tents. Nice and warm at Muir. Went to bed around 6. Im a heavy sleeper so i knocked out. we were going to wake up around 10 but the people next to us just never went to sleep so we were up around 9:30. Left at 11:00 with no crampons on. Got to the flats. The moon was out..no wind..little cool but still great. Put crampons on and kept on climbing. Took a break in the middle of the DC while the guides flew up in front of us. Another break atop the DC (12,300). Found a mouse just scurrying along the rocks! Put on my down jacket and we kept on climbing. there were about 2-3 crevasses to step over or manage before high break. Stopped at high break to see the sunrise. It was beautiful. Climbing on we were on that long traverse that took a long time. the last turn to the rim was slow for us. Just a lot of breathing. No headaches or AS just lots of breathing. It felt good to see rocks and step into the crater. I shed a tear when i sat down in the crater. Totally forgot about the steam caves. i was so tired after i signed the register i fell asleep on it We climbed to the summit and then cheered with whatever energy we had! i loved it up there and i will definitely be up there again. I had to use the bathroom (#1) but my harness was all good and tied so i did not want to mess with it coming down was good because we had that nice cloud cover. We took our time and strolled into Muir as one of the last teams to arrive. We enjoyed it not having a time schedule on our hands. Rested at muir for an hour then packed up and ran down back to Paradise in about 1:34. Fastest time ever coming down with a big pack. I loved it up there. The hardship, the toils and tribulations. It was fun and I'm definitely down to go back up. Kautz? Emmons? next year I'm hoping. Gib Rocks winter/spring? school and climbing just is really hard to mesh. hope you enjoyed my story. ask questions and i hope the pictures show up Heading up the snowfield..shes got a cap on zoomed in view of all the rock that has been coming off of the cleaver Home for the night chance of t-storms so we didn't get permits at the flats looking northwest and up towards Gibraltar Rock Cathedral Rocks Busy campsite Sunrise at High break (13,500) looking down at the very "Little Tahoma" Love this photo! Point Success and the moon almost aligned almost to the end of the big crevasse then one last turn to the rim Look who i found? Justin Merle of IMG. I saw him at Muir last July The trench is ready for warfare Loved this one lots of steam but barely no smell of Sulfur Looking north towards Liberty Cap Summit! Glad to see him back up here. He summitted 9 times! Back down at the top of the DC looking back up at our route Looking south to Gibraltar Rock. The guide services still have the ladder on the rocks Looking back up the DC Gibraltar Rock was letting off some rock and water The north side of Cathedral Rocks she still looks small:) Checking out the flats and crevasses Pictures don't do justice. Sit of the worst mountaineering accident in North America I had to looking back up at the route. good weather coming down. no wind but clouds Hope you liked the pictures and post. Enjoy it and ill see you on the mountain. Cheers! Gear Notes: Alpine/crevasse rescue Approach Notes: Follow the boot pack to Muir and the Flats and to the top of the DC. from there it is wander but do not always trust a fellow boot print around crevasses. Use your knowledge
  12. I saw you guys in the CIC Saturday morning getting permits. And coming down the DC. We were on the cleaver heading down when your team passed us. Still gotta get my DC trip report up. The DC was sketch coming down!
  13. Go up the night before and practice if you can. Be safe and use good judgement
  14. For me as a newbie it was a bit different you could say. Hood is a good mountain but death is imminent on it. The best bet is to start early enough so you hit the sunrise while on the summit. And then descend the hogsback and back to devils kitchen before the sun hits the crater. That's what we did
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