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  1. "The Alpinist " Mark-Andre' Leclerc

    Just watched this at theater. It was done very well and climbing scenes are awesome. Also the RunOut Podcast had a good interview with the filmmaker. Marc was so young...
  2. This should be interesting.
  3. Portland Mountain Rescue- NEEDS HELP!!

    Ok, I voted for you guys cause I like you but a new Land Rover? Really? Keep the old bus running.
  4. Ban free speech and you may win the Darwin awards.

    Sheesh oly, what did they put in your coffee this morning?
  5. [TR] Mt. Shasta - Cascade Gulch 04/18/2021

    Way to go. Sad to see Shasta so barren in April.
  6. Ban free speech and you may win the Darwin awards.

    Hey quit talking smack about Art Bell. He was fun to listen to working the night shift.
  7. Ban free speech and you may win the Darwin awards.

    Hey DanO, I'm not interested in getting the jab either, but your rants and links all belong in the trash bin. Anyway, thanks for posting something to get the natives riled up.
  8. Can't blame Shuksan. She is a beauty.
  9. I've looked at that many times and always wondered myself.
  10. Easton Glacier advice

    Climbed it last July and feel it is has a bit less hazard than CD route as far as that goes. Route finding shouldn't be an issue. If bringing first timers for sure spend some time in camp with some ice axe/rope work etc. cause the crevasses will make their eyes pop. You walk right next to the edge of the crater near the top so take a few minutes and climb down in.
  11. Letter from PMR President about CCSO

    This is very interesting to learn but not surprising given government bureaucracy/ lawyers and liability issues/ law enforcement hierarchy/ etc. and the very high costs involved when a major rescue is needed. Local SAR can never be replaced.
  12. Reminds me of the 1977 Yosemite story about plane going down in a lake with bales of pot and climbers hiking up to the crash site.
  13. Love it. Now that's a north cascades traverse to be proud of. OldandSlow gets it done.
  14. Camp possibilities on Easton Glacier

    Just got back Saturday from climbing Easton route and camped at about 6000. There were parties camped much higher and there is plenty of flat areas you could choose to bivy as you head up the glacier.
  15. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    C/D Glacier? you talking Coleman Deming? Sorry if I'm ignorant of climbing acronym lingo.