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  1. [TR] McMillan Spire - South Face to West Ridge 09/28/2018

    That was a very well written TR. Liked the black and white photo's..Terror Basin is a special area.
  2. Smoke Conditions in Stuart Range?

    Haven't been to Stuart area but Washington pass was plenty smoky this past week and with Canada burning up the smoke is getting worse. That said, weather forecast is calling for offshore air to push some of this crap out. Hate to say it but we need some rain!
  3. Excellent story and photo's as usual Jason.
  4. Most excellent! Great pic's..Thanks for posting and thanks CascadeClimber's for this awesome site of climbing TR's.
  5. easiest heli rescue ever?

    Top of Baker certainly does have a huge flat area for landing a chopper. Good that they dug in overnight in a storm but I have to ask, with the crappy weather forecast and heavy rain all day Sunday around Mt. Baker, why did the team go for the summit? Hope those kids recover quickly.
  6. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Sunset Ridge 05/25/2018

    Who said old guys can't keep climbing? Way to go
  7. Advice for First Timer to N Cascades

    In your time frame your going to hit a lot of snow for many of these choices. Some will require ice axe and light crampons for sure because of steep snow. You say your boy has no self arrest ice axe experience? Perfect time to learn it. Have him read 'Freedom of the Hills', youtube or whatever, then first day go find some steep snow with safe runout and practice. Now your ready to climb mountains. Sahale is a good climb in a fantastic setting. Ruth Mountain close to Baker is good. Day climb with very easy short glacier. I took my kids there to learn glacier snow travel. At Washington Pass, South Early Winter Spires, South Arete. Snow hike with 3 pitch mid 5 rock. Liberty Bell, Beckey Route, I would bring ice axe and crampons for the short steep gully to gain the start of route. It can be icy because of shade. Cuthroat Peak on the other side of road. North Twin Sisters fun class 3-4 scramble, helps to have mountain bikes. I love reading Fred's books but beware, if your not familiar with North Cascades mountains they can be a bit vague for route description and approach/descent.
  8. Is Mt. Hood still as scary as it looked in March

    Yup. Sure does. Easy transition into the gully where it gets really narrow half way up.
  9. Is Mt. Hood still as scary as it looked in March

    We just climbed the Southside route today and conditions were excellent. Snow was firm crust with good traction. Hogsback is very wide, no issue with the bergschrund, and the Gates was solid to the summit. There is a lot of ice in it that will have to start falling as the season goes. Forecast is changing now but I would go at the next chance of good weather.
  10. RIP birdman

    A true climbing legend.
  11. Alpinist Magazine Buyer

    Forget about the mag. I want a puppy! What breed are those guys?
  12. Hayden Kennedy Dead

    He had quite the climbing resume for such a young guy. I enjoyed the interviews he did on the Enormocast talking about Cerro Torre. Very sad to hear this.
  13. Killer Goatz headed to the North Cascades?

    New flavor for Mountainhouse?
  14. Very nice. Now that is a climbing trip to remember
  15. How much fire haze on WA Pass?

    Was up there on wednesday. Bad.