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  1. I might have a Petzl ID laying about, had a couple NWTs but I haven't seen them since I moved down here. I'll shoot you a PM if I find them.
  2. Very much this. October is a very bad time to be on Liberty Ridge, might want to rethink your plans.
  3. Seconding this. Meru is amazing. Everest is a money grab.
  4. I could probably make the 18-19 happen. Been up Rainier, Adams, and Shasta for big mountains. Got my Lvl 1 AIARE as well as WFR.
  5. Better luck trying the climbing partners section below. Also I would recommend hitting up some climbing gyms close to you and meeting people there. You might be able to find someone to teach you everything, more than likely though you'll find someone at the same level as you and you guys can learn together.
  6. I wouldn't mind joining up with you guys. Moving down to Portland in Feb and I don't know anyone in the area.
  7. Actually I have one for sale if your interested. Its a Ride Havoc board, got all the plates and pins for your own bindings. Let me know if you want pictures. Planning on letting it go cheap btw. About to move south and I've got to slim down my belongings.
  8. What are you looking for? Plans?
  9. To be fair a couple weekends ago my fiance and me went up there after these signs were posted. Obviously going to climb and were bike riding in. Couple trucks passed us and no one stopped. 2 other groups came up with no issues too. Might be more for hunters, and as always YMMV.
  10. How much and do you have pictures available?
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