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  1. Hell yea man.. I'll definitely hit you up. Wanna shoot me an email or text sos I can contact you? Ben@fairweather-roofing.com 503-327-4244
  2. I'll have to get a hold of WaDoT and try to get a feel for when they think they're gonna close 'er down... 'cuz yea, now that you mention it - the most primo conditions are going to be before they close it. Enough frozen liquid accumulation to climb, but not enough yet to be sliding. According to the WaDoT website, they generally close at the exact same timeframe I'm looking at - last week Nov/first week Dec. I figured, for some reason, it was earlier than that and had already planned to skin in....
  3. IT IS ON. [img:center]https://static.tumblr.com/2b73c8d1915305ed0038f8da69c1dc3a/vx60olh/Zxknl64un/tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640.jpg[/img]
  4. Seems like if you caught 'er in early/thin conditions, it might not be a complete death trap. Wait till the first few warmer storms rip through, skin up, and hope for more ice than neck deep powder on route Target time (for my schedule for my winter North Cascades adventure.... which is happening, Graybeard or not....) is like last week of Novemberish to first week of Decemberish. This route is pretty much EXACTLY what I'm looking for, approachwise, gradewise, seriousnesswise.... but a wait for spring isn't a luxury I have. What's it typically like up in the hell of the North Cascades steeper north faces late fall/early winter? Does the powder just instantly start piling up, or can the region be caught in the more southerly Cascade's early fat ice/thin snow? Thanks brus
  5. Anybody got one? Not super particular on length, but the shorter the betterer Thanks! -B PS - please have a price in mind. "Make me an offer" is just gonna net you an offer of $1.75 or some other inane shit :-)
  6. Shitsnacks.. car to SUMMIT to car in 3:14? My best time to the summit is barely under 3 hours
  7. Dude could've at least thrown in the pack... maybe it got all sliced up by broken glass.
  8. Thinking about doing a north side trip in the next couple weeks.. I would imagine it's pretty damn melted out by now. Anybody happen to have been on or seen the jeff park glacier und its headwall lately? Ridge/pinnacle completely bare, probs? Thanks
  9. Thems ain't Venoms. Wish they were... cuz I want some
  10. That's about the size of it! What you got? Some good used condition tlt5s for cheep would be fine w/ me, but am just looking for good value. Don't have a budget exactly. Need to try them on, so will need to be local here in NW Oregon. NW Portland would be coo, and I actually live in Saint Helens/scappoosish hood
  11. ok, maybe.. but I'm totally NOT a dick to climb with. Patient, super calm, reassuring.. new people love climbing with me.
  12. Howdy I'm gonna start taking some semi-regular runs up Hood for training purposes, and figured I'd see if there's any noobs interested in getting drug up there. I very much enjoy guiding/teaching/showing new people the ropes in the sport, and don't mind the company sometimes. But here's the thing.... this is pro bono, me volunteering my time (I can tag the summit and be back to the parking lot in 4 hours, solo... usually takes more like 12 with noobs) to take up new people, and it needs to be around my own schedule.. so I can't really dick around with your schedule. Na'mean? Not trying to sound like a dick or anything, but I've run into this in the past where I feel like I'm doing a solid by inviting someone up who's been wanting to climb but hasn't had anyone to take 'em up, and then there's this awkward expectation that I'm going to accommodate all their work/kid/hobby/laziness scheduling requirements and stuff... So what this will look like is something along the lines of this: I'll happen to have a work schedule/weather forecast coincidence and decide to go up, and I'll let you know with like 1-2 days advance notice, and you'll either be available to go or not... no rescheduling for "next weekend" or any of that crap.. it just doesn't work like that. Anynwho... if you're interested and can be flexible, shoot me an email, and we can rap benjaminbeckerich@gmail.com -Ben
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