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  1. Hi all, I am relatively new to climbing, and I am currently looking for a partner for the upcoming spring/summer season. Over the past several years, I have gotten more into climbing after having made the transition from a life of backpacking/scrambling. I grew up in the PNW (Seattle) and I have summitted Mt. St. Helens in both summer and winter via both Monitor Ridge and Worm Flows. Last year, I took a six-day expeditions skills seminar course from RMI which culminated in a successful summit bid on Mt. Shuksan via the Sulphide Glacier route. I am looking to expand my skillset and experience this summer by pursuing climbs on Hood, Rainier, Baker, and several other North Cascades peaks, if possible. I own a new rope and basic snow/ice pro. I'm interested in climbing with people who possess a skill set similar to mine and are looking to gain experience as well as anyone who is experienced and is interested in shedding some climbing knowledge/experience onto a new climber. I am a fit 25 y/o male living in PDX. Thanks!
  2. I recently starting climbing, and I believe I have garnered my first overuse injury. I woke up after a hard day of bouldering to dull pain on the anterior portion of my right shoulder. If I hold my arm away from my body at 90 degrees and rotate the arm clockwise (towards my back), I feel sharp pain in what I believe is the supraspinatus muscle. This pain largely inhibits further rotation of the joint. I went to a doctor, and she gave me the standard tendinitis line--rest, ice, Naproxen, etc. Since it is the singular, above-mentioned movement that seems to be the sole catalyst for sharp pain, I assume that the injury is not serious, however I am aware that tendons do take longer to heal than muscle. Does anyone have any experience with shoulder tendinitis? How long should I wait until I attempt to climb or lift again? I am anxious to start climbing again, however I definitely I do not want to further or prolong this injury. Thanks!
  3. Beaverton, and I climb at Stoneworks
  4. I am relatively new to climbing, and I am looking for an experienced climbing partner from whom I can learn. I am particularly interested in mountaineering/alpine rock and recently spent six days on Shuksan with RMI learning basic expedition skills. This trip culminated in a successful summit attempt. Over the past couple years I have completed several non-technical ascents throughout the NW including St. Helens (summer climb via Monitor Ridge and winter climb via Worm Flows) and South Sister. I have spent the past year working towards attaining technical skills by reading Freedom of the Hills, several other works on glacier mountaineering, rock and ice anchors, and basic avalanche assessment, but I am finding that I really need to get outside and practice, thus I am turning to this forum. I am also currently working through a training program based upon those presented in Steve House's Guide to New Alpinism. I'd really like to obtain some hands-on experience from someone who is willing to show me the ropes, so to speak. I am a member of the Mazamas, and I'd really like to build my skill-set before next year's climb schedule drops in April. Also, I recently started climbing at a local gym at least twice per week in order to further develop my skill-set. Please PM me or respond directly here if interested or if you simply have any advice for a young guy trying to responsibly/safely learn the sport! Thanks!
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